Clinton Unfit for U.S. Presidency ( Dr. Drew expounds)

With election day approaching fast, new insights into Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s medical status may express potency in dismissing her implied capacity to serve as President. According to a Dr. Drew Pinsky, Hillary’s publicly released medical files indicate that the candidate receives a substandard, antiquated form of healthcare which he characterized as “bizarre” and “concerning”. Pinsky asserts that certain drugs utilized in Clinton’s healthcare do not even match her disorders (coagulation issues, brain damage, etc.) or modern healthcare practices.

‘The Next News Network’ reports that the very interview promoted by ABC news in which Dr. Drew offers his medical perspective of Clinton was deleted from the ABC site in light of it’s content  which expresses negative potential consequences for the candidates campaign. Sensible considering the possible Commander in Chief will have access to nuclear codes and sundry other powerful things to use with her discretion (better make sure the President isn’t senile, demented, or criminal 😉 ).

The story was first covered by who also received Secret Service dispensed details of Clinton’s health problems. The Secret Service source alleged that Hillary Clinton “has Parkinson’s Disease”.

What do you think? Fit for presidency?


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