Fitness for Your SHTF Plan

When it comes to violent altercations or disaster scenarios seldom anything is completely predictable or guaranteed. This makes planning difficult, especially in light of the myriad potential disaster scenarios that may culminate. But thankfully, regardless of what disaster may knock on your front door, there is one survivability factor that can always be of benefit to yourself and your family – your level of physical fitness.

I find physical fitness to be the most important survivability factor. A well maintained body is more apt to adapt favorably to adverse conditions that are possible within a given emergency scenario. While one may receive great body-conditioning results via commitment to any number of fitness programs provided by commercial venues, I must offer here a bit of advice respecting what might be overlooked by those who attend said venues to ready for an SHTF situation.

If a scenario calls for you to carry supplies on your back while traversing across tortuous terrain, you can bet that one who has trained in carrying his/her supplies will be better adapted for the exigent occasion should it arise.

The ideal fitness program should incorporate training that conditions one to the features of a specified scenario. What do I mean by that? Answer: You must train the way you intend to survive.

For example, if you are preparing for a scenario that might require you to carry a bug-out bag or mobile cache of emergency supplies on foot, it is essential that you train for the occasion not by attending a fitness center, but by actually going out and carrying your pack around for an extended period of time. Try to do this in as many naturally provided circumstances as possible. Train when it is raining, snowing, or hot outside. By doing so you will not only discover your own limitations, but you will also learn what to be conscious of and what can be done to fine-tune your preparedness plan.

I have an EDC bag that I literally carry everywhere, even when I am practicing vaulting over fences, climbing walls, shooting, and sprinting. I do this because I recognize that a nasty scenario will likely require me to carry something on my back, whatever it may be. Also, by establishing the habit of training in this manner, the bones of the body will increase in density and strength as the result of a piezoelectric principle known conventionally as Wolf’s Law. Basically this law describes how bone remodeling occurs in areas of increased stress.

Therefore, if you train for carrying a pack on your back by carrying a pack on your back as opposed to going to a gym and lifting weights or walking with weights, the body will naturally remodel itself to adapt to the stresses so injury is less likely to occur when the real scenario arises. This is a simple concept but VERY important. Once again, whatever you are preparing for, TRAIN the way you intend to act through simulation (with adequate safety measures of course)!

In addition to exercising the above principle of fitness, it is helpful to start a conventional fitness regimen which incorporates cardiovascular and strength training simply for the health benefits. If you do not intend to attend any commercial fitness group for these purposes, I have provided very basic alternatives below.

  1. Push-ups
  2. Pull-ups
  3. Sit-ups
  4. Iron Horse Squats (No less than 1 min. intervals)
  5. One Leg Squats
  6. Jumping Jacks
  7. Roll-to-Jumps
  8. Wall-runs
  9. Jogging

Here is wonderful example of gymless exercise for Ninjutsu practitioners provided by Akban

Consult your doctor before implementing any new exercise regimen.





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