Google’s Project Tango

For the past three years Google has been working on yet another astronomical pet project. This one has been dubbed Project Tango and its very existence renders its predecessors, Google maps and Google earth, obsolete. Thus far not a lot of publicity has been given to this now complete app due to a lack of general interest (as of yet) and privacy related fears.

Installing this program on one’s smartphone enables the device to electronically sense the environment around it via frequency rebounding. Utilizing the data collected via this unprecedented advance in technology one can determine many things including: the dimensions of the area the phone is in, the size and location of the people nearby, the placement of furniture, and the locations of any exits such as doors and windows.

Naturally this information will ultimately be stored in an all too hackable way, and with all of the fears surrounding the government’s ability to access electronic communications among other things, one has to wonder whether or not agencies will be able to freely access this data as well.

If the concern is not about them then criminals would be on the list of worries as well. Imagine the advantage they gain by knowing the layout of multiple houses and where individuals are generally located!


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