Russian Aggression in the Baltics

A 2015 publication out of the gestalt of war-related institutions (Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Asymmetric Operations Working Group, Asymmetric Warfare Group) is alleging that “Russia’s strategic objectives in the Baltic region do not focus on the Baltic States as final targets, but on using the Baltic States to discredit and dismantle the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and undermining the European Union (EU) by using the Baltic States.” The publication, titled Ambiguous Threats and External Influences in the Baltic States Phase 2: Assessing the Threat, makes direct allusions to the reality of 4th Generation Warfare methodologies as being common components to modern conflict.  For example, in answering the question of Russian aggression in the Baltics, the document asserts that Russia isn’t likely to engage in an open conflict with NATO but rather will attempt to use sociopolitical and economic “levers” to destabilize the region.

Why does this matter? Well you see, 4th Generation Warfare by definition includes the civilian sector as a component of 4GW in that it may come to serve an active role in aiding or thwarting an enemy. Sociopolitical and economic means of aggression (aka war by proxy) means that the common citizen is subject to be a target of state and foreign propaganda.

This aside, what can we expect from Russia, and can we even believe our own sources?


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  1. I’ve heard a fair bit about this.

    Russia isn’t a democracy or a socialist state. They are a new oligarchy focused solely on amassing power and destabilizing other powers around them.

    They don’t want ww3… at least not yet. They aren’t strong enough and the powers in the world are far to great for them to stand against.

    So… for now, they are working the back channels to destabilize powers around the world. They only move militarily when the benefits greatly outweigh the risks and they only act militarily in the most minimalistic way to avoid a response.

    It’s scary to think that they were working behind the scenes to help make BREXIT happen… I was kinda happy to see the U.K. leave the E.U. but when I learned that Russia had a hand in it, I was suddenly very conflicted.

    Scarier to think that they love trump and hate H.C. even though both are really bad options. That they are working to get trump elected… That the only thing trump askef the gop to soften it’s position on was Russia’s actions in the Baltics and elsewhere!!!

    To learn there are strategic plans to cause such chaos that America splits and ceases to be one nation!?

    I honestly believe Russia is the biggest threat to the world right now… and worse… they are going about everything they doing so expertly that they may come very close to achieving many of their goals.

    All without the world doing anything significant to stop them.

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