Bombing Syria (the Civilians Killed)

What are we doing in Syria? Does anyone in the U.S. care? Civilian deaths are mounting, and as common sense will attest, the collateral damage inflicted by the U.S. lead coalition will only serve to promote hate towards western nations (Russia is involved as well).

I know. You might not be interested in looking at the dreadful reality of these airstrikes, but believe me, the blood shed by our nation soils YOUR hands if you condone such actions with silence.

Below is one of the latest atrocities attributed to our cause…whatever it is.

According to RT, the French military is responsible for the deaths of over 120 civilians following a bombing raid that targeted the village of Toukhan Al-Kubra situated near the Syrian/Turkey border.  The U.S. lead coalition raid, which took place in July, has understandably incited a plea to the U.N. to mitigate/cease such killings. Whole families were obliterated.

This form of violence on innocents continues to claim lives unnecessarily, and as reports, to date approximately “3,491 and 4,787 civilian non-combatant fatalities had been alleged from 536 separate reported incidents, in both Iraq and Syria.” Of those alleged, Airwars confirms that a “minimum” of 1,584 civilians have lost their lives thus far from Western backed aggression.



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