Gaining Real Skill Requires Doing


If you wish to gain a certain level of proficiency in any skill, there is one thing you must know. We become what we do. It is all fine (supplemental), to attain knowledge of a thing through video and audio, but the best training one can have is in the doing.

Say you want to get really good at making your own beautiful wooden cabinets. With the help of contemporary information technology (IT), you could make cabinets a reality by watching Youtube videos, or attending lectures about woodworking. But the reality is these forms of education will not instill real skill into your spirit. To gain real skill, you must gain knowledge of the principles involved, and then you must do the work.

You must do to gain skill. This is important to remember for it teases out the fact of how much time we waste in the attempt to attain a goal. For example, say you wish to learn to sprint up a wall. This skill requires strength of the legs and dexterity of the joints. So what must one do? You could go and lift weights at a gym, or do jumping exercises at home, but when the time comes to actually run up a wall, would you be able to do it? I chance to say no, you wouldn’t.

You see, to learn how to run up a wall well requires understanding the best technique. To understand the best technique is to understand the obstacle (the wall and your body). To understand how not to run up a wall you must attempt to run up a wall. By learning how not to run up a wall will teach you how to run up a wall. Therefore, your training in this skill is best when you practice running up a wall instead of going to a gym.

Granted, going to the gym respecting this skill may be essential to some, but the principle to understand here is that one gets better at something by doing it, reflecting on how one could perform better, and then doing it some more. As you get better, and understand the principles, then you may begin to play with the skill. This is when the magic of development begins.

To make a wooden cabinet, you must practice making a wooden cabinet. Then practice some more, and some more. This is the only way, otherwise you aim to attain skill only in replicating the ideas of other people. If you replicate the ideas of other people, you are not original. If you are not original, then your skill will not reflect your essence.

Equally useless is going to a gym and learning how to lift weights to get good at running up walls. You won’t get good at running up walls this way, but instead, you will get good at lifting weights. Any comments? Let us know below.


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