‘I Want to Scare Assad’ states CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell

Make no mistake folks, the CIA is still up to their spy-games. You just don’t hear about them. Here below is a video of Deputy Director of the CIA Mike Morell on Charlie Rose, openly expressing his wishes to use covert operations to make “the Iranians pay a price” and “the Russians pay a price”, stating in the same conversation his desire to blow up buildings in these countries to intimidate U.S. opponents.

What is disturbing about this interview arises when one considers that the U.S. has been occupying territories around the world to fight so called “terrorism” while its clandestine organizations simultaneously engage in propagating acts of terror of its own, such as those advocated by Morell. This interview also serves to display the sadistic tendencies of the CIA and make one wonder just what sort of world relations really exist between the U.S. and countries of the geo-political fray.


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