Buffalo County Chromium-6 Levels EXCEED Safe EPA Guidelines

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We all want clean water to drink, so when we hear about carcinogenic contamination of water supplying the needs of some “218 million” people (roughly 2/3 of the United States), there is an obligation to be concerned.

According to data published by the Environmental Working Group, over half of the national water supply is contaminated with Chromium-6.

Collectively referred to as hexavalent chromium compounds, Chromium-6 is known to be a genotoxic carcinogen linked to incidence of lung cancer when inhaled, and scientists say that these same compounds may induce gut cancers when ingested.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has no assigned maximum contaminant value for ‘water-borne’ Chromium-6, though it does maintain that all chromium compounds within a water supply should be maintained at a value below 1 ppb (parts per billion).

Respecting these values, the Environmental Working Group’s, “analysis of federal data from nationwide drinking water tests shows that the compound contaminates water supplies for more than 200 million Americans in all 50 states. Yet federal regulations are stalled by a chemical industry challenge that could mean no national regulation of a chemical state scientists in California and elsewhere say causes cancer when ingested at even extraordinarily low levels.” http://www.ewg.org/research/chromium-six-found-in-us-tap-water

For those of you who live in Nebraska (particularly Buffalo county) I should mention that the EWG pulled 12 samples from the water supply there and found the Chromium-6 levels range from 0.04-3.5 ppb, clearly exceeding the EPA safe water guidelines. Perhaps you should be concerned?

For more info or a map of which counties across the U.S. were tested, follow this link here.


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