Researchers Postulate: Planetary Alignments Determine Solar Cycles

 “Astrology is the oldest science in the world. It had its origins in the worship of the moon. Through the long nights before any history books were written, generations upon generations of savages sat and contemplated the wondrous and orderly procession of the seasons and the shining stars in the heavens. Man soon gave them names, and the names were those of the animal spirits he worshipped.”- Zolar’s Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge (p.6)

The institutes of Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf in Germany have put forward a theory in the journal Solar Physics which aims to elucidate the calculated possibility that the sun’s magnetic field is “influenced” by planetary alignments.

Why is this a big deal? Astrology is the ‘science’ of antiquity that postulates celestial bodies as causations/determinants of human personality, intrinsic talents, and the unfolding of events on Earth. Some have gone so far to say that astrology itself was the predecessor science of our modern day astronomy, thereby alluding to its significance.

However, conventional science does not recognize the artifices of astrology as a legitimate method to knowledge, but rather astrology is typically referred to as a false/ pseudo-science. If it does work, no one knows for sure how, nor is there any effective method of measuring astrological predictions and outcomes other than statistical analysis.

But now these researchers out of Germany are theorizing that the alignment of Jupiter with Venus and Earth actually influences the electromagnetic activity of the Sun. One researcher involved with the study stated,

“Interestingly, every 11.07 years, the Sun and the planets Venus, the Earth and Jupiter are aligned. We asked ourselves: Is it a coincidence that the solar cycle corresponds with the cycle of the conjunction or the opposition of the three planets?”

In attempting to understand how the solar cycle is influenced by alignment of celestial bodies, it is important to take note of two ‘effects’ that are said to be signatures of the forces propelling the sun’s dynamo. These effects are called the ‘alpha’ and the ‘omega’. Researchers are specifically interested in the properties of the former alpha effect in that little energy is required to alter it – allowing for the postulation that tidal forces of the planets may be responsible for initiating alterations in the solar cycle.

“Our calculations show that planetary tidal forces act here as minute external pace setters. The oscillation in the alpha effect, which is triggered approximately every eleven years, could cause the polarity reversal of the solar magnetic field and, ultimately, dictate the 22-year cycle of the solar dynamo…”

Should this development of modern science be viewed as a re-invigoration of the antiquated discipline of “astrology”? As above…so below…

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Mini-Ice-age anyone?


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