Facebook and Yahoo!: Confirmed NSA Informants

I know you probably don’t want to hear about another infringement of your constitutional freedoms in light of the revealing exposures of our own clandestine intelligence services’ seeming inability to stay on the right side of our freedoms – what with the Edward Snowden revelations and all. But nevertheless, it is important to talk about these issues in order to preserve what values we have left.

In a recent article published by Yahoo! itself, the suspicion that surveillance of user data is still an ongoing activity of the NSA has been confirmed. The internet company has complied with the agency’s wishes to aggregate data matching specified criteria despite the blatant breeches to user privacy the action represented.

Should we be surprised? In view of the history of intelligence services, including the operations of the medieval shinobi, the answer is no. Intelligence is all about accruing as much information as possible and then organizing it into a coherent framework that displays what is going on in the world -particularly those things of military significance. So no, it is not surprising that the NSA is looking to the giants of social media to further its implied objective.

However, people should indeed express great concern in light of these revelations for the reason that ‘we the people’ are not militating enemies of the state (granted there are a few wackos out there), but are the very people this agency was supposedly tasked with protecting. The fact that this agency continues to spy on the very people it is supposedly tasked to protect signifies to the commoner that its offices reflect the character of a paranoid schizophrenic who has come to view through a deluded lens that everyone is a potential enemy.

This is your reason to be concerned America.


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