Asgardia: A Nation in Space – Apply for Citizenship Now

Have you ever dreamed about being an astronaut? What about living in space? Well, with the submission of an application you might be able to fulfill any of those lingering childhood ambitions.

Aerospace International Research Center’s Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli has proposed the creation of a new country and his proposition has been supported by Unesco. This nation will be unlike any other established in known history since it will be around, rather than on, earth. That’s right people, we are talking about a nation in space.

The independent space-state christened Asgardia will have its own laws, flags, and membership to the United Nations and it is estimated that approximately 100,000 people will be granted citizenship for the new hub of civilization. Application for said citizenship reportedly consists only of three pieces of information: e-mail, name, and current nationality. Citizenship can be sought after on their website.

Ashurbeyli is suggesting that the nation of Asgardia develop a ‘shield’ to prevent an asteroid-mediated calamity from unfolding on our planet. This leads to speculation that the name of the country may be reflective of its alleged function: assisting in the guardianship of earth from the inbound trajectories of asteroids. In any case, regardless of function, this harkens back to the movie Elysium in which there was such a space colony with high-tech medicine and unparalleled standards of living in contrast to an impoverished, famine-struck world below. Whether it ends up being truly reminiscent of its Hollywood counterpart remains to be seen. But whatever the purpose of this nation, it is worthy enough to be dubbed as a novelty of history.


Grice, W. (October, 12 2016) The Final Frontier: The First Space Nation was Revealed Today and You Can Sign up to be a Citizen.


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