Asgardia: The Eye of Horus and the Seed of Life

After perusing the website, it was brought to our attention that some of the symbols incorproated into the conceptual artwork on the site harken to ancient mythologies.

On the home page is a space-scape portrait that depicts a satelite above a cresent view of the earth. What is most curious respecting the satelite image is the icongraphy present within its center, a rendering of the seed of life and a glyph that is strikingly similar to the ancient Egyptian glyph for the eye of Horus.

What connotations might be implicit here? We do not hold any position of certitude, but thought the matter curious enough to posit a few opinions.

Image attributed to
(Image attributed to

Citing from

“Egyptian culture has a famous example in the Eye of Horus. Horus was one of the most significant Egyptian deities, a stellar sky god of immense power. In one Egyptian myth, Horus was engaged in combat with  his uncle Set for the throne after his father, Osiris’s death. In said fight Set landed a blow which blinded Horus, entirely gouging out his left eye. This wound was later to be magically healed, in one strain of the story by the god Thoth. The lost eye of Horus, upon being recovered, was offered by Horus himself to his father Osiris in an attempt to once again resurrect him. This led to the Eye of Horus becoming linked strongly with protective elements, healing, and sacrifice, due to its sympathetic links with the actual severed eye of the God.”

Why is this icon present on the Agardia webpage?

What is implied here?



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