Preparation is Prudence within Unprecedented Times

Information itself may come to be devalued by the phenomenon of the sheer quantity produced in this modern era of electronic media. It is blatantly obvious that today’s users of the internet are engulfed by torrents upon torrents of information, much of which is never assessed for its accuracy or credibility. From political news to geo-spatial developments respecting human conflicts, from technological trends to keeping up with the memes and friends on Facebook, our minds are exceedingly challenged to make coherent sense of all this content. This is understandable, for not only do the massive quantities of information pose an insurmountable problem in simply consuming the troves of data, but humans are lacking the time to even start a search of potentially discrediting information respecting any given notion that splays itself on the luminescent screen.

It has been asserted that our addiction to mobile internet devices has led to a measurable decline in the attention span of the user.

or the disintegration in relations between world superpowers,

to the 5th mass extinction of species taking place on our planet.

These issues are more important than popular trends in gaming, sports, dating, or what have you – simply because they possess the potential to permanently alter our ability to live on the planet in the first place.

This brief diatribe on my perception of world problems is intended to impel the reader to deeply consider the cogent notion that our species has NEVER faced this many exigent situations simultaneously. In light of this fact, it is therefore most prudent and in the interest of you and your family that you prepare for the worst, educate yourself rather than focus on entertaining the mind, and seek to foster a community of care for our world and our species…

Understand that you are not separate from the ecology of life. As with any eco-system, if one species gains too much advantage over the others, it will spread ruthlessly, consuming resources in its wake that degrades the capacity of other species to thrive. There is a balance, and this ecological balance has nuances in the affairs of ge0-politics. Peace and war are on a fulcrum. We must foster growth and peace more than death and decay.



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