WW3 Update #1: Russia Reveals SATAN 2 Nuke and Preps Population for War

In our last article on WW3 Hype we showed how anxieties over the specter of WW3 seems to be justified in light of the corroborated testimony of General Joseph Dunford to members of congress and former Deputy Director of the CIA Mike Morell. We have more to cover regarding this important issue as more news has come forward.

According to an October 25th, 2016 article out of The Wallstreet Journal, Russia is advancing its population preparedness objectives -conducting nuclear fallout drills en masse and “upgrading bomb shelters in [its] biggest cities.”

Reported in another article dated October 24th, 2016 from the Mirror, Russia is making alterations to its nuclear arsenal in relation to the increasing tensions between it and NATO.

Vladimir Putin is seeking to replace his arsenal of SS-18 Satan weapons with the new RS-28 Sarmat super-nukes.”

The RS-28 ‘super-nuke’ reportedly has the capabilities of utterly decimating an area approximate in size to the state of Texas. Dubbed SATAN 2, this nuke has the range to strike western targets such as London or the “East or West” coasts of the U.S.

Will you be warned of a nuclear strike? The reality is, probably not. You won’t even see it coming, so it is in your interest that you make reasonable preparations now as this global push-shove heats up.

For more details view our last article in which we offer up reasoned conclusions respecting the implications of November’s election and afford you video evidence of this potential catastrophe. In a nutshell, the Russians do not want Clinton in office. Take care.


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