More Military Movements: WW3 Update #2


Nov. 1 2016: The Telegraph reports that Britain’s intelligence agency, MI5, is now weighing in to voice its take on the potentially conflagrant situation with alleged Russian aggression. “Andrew Parker”, a supposed spy-chief of the MI5 said that “although the fight against Isil could last a generation, it is vital not to ignore the growing threat from Russia.” This remark seconds opinions of the CIA, and seems to take advantage of the public’s ignorance regarding how ISIL came to exist in the first place.

“The Clinton emails revealed by Wikileaks prove again, if proof be needed, that the US was fully aware that its Gulf allies funded IS and al-Qaeda, but said nothing because they did not want to rock the boat. Only when IS swept through Iraq did Obama move to halt the advance. But in the region, it was already clear to many that America’s opposition to terrorism and support for its allies was tactical, and part of a larger strategic calculation. The bombing of Syrian army forces in Deir Ezzor in September, while they were engaged in a long-running battle against IS, was evidence again that the US was hedging its bets and not interested in a deal with Russia.”

Taking what you may from the above, you might ask ‘how do I know what is propaganda and what is not?’ In truth, there is no clear-cut answer, but we do recommend adopting recognition of the fact that many of these terroristic groups were, in one way or another, spurned into existence by intelligence agencies of the Western World. This being so, it is hard to swallow anything that drips from the press if its source is an intelligence insider – a spy.

The artistic medium of a spy is information, therefore if a so-called intelligence chief is parading a notion to the public, one should ALWAYS question ulterior motives.

Moving on, an article out of the Orange County Register reports that NORAD will be conducting military exercises in preparation for, “airspace-restriction violations, hijackings and responding to unknown aircraft…”

In relation to the above, Britain is now activating Typhoon fighter-jets to be deployed in Romania as Russian “assertiveness in the region” continues to grow. In addition to the deployment of Typhoon fighters, Britain is also 800 troops to Estonia (the Baltics).

Oct. 30 2016: Russian submarines move closer to Syria, an action that reporters say spark fears that an assault on Aleppo is about to commence. (Why the fear if the “rebels” they are bombing are connected to al-Nuzra, a faction of al-Qaeda? We cannot say.)

Oct. 28 2016: CNN reports that Lithuania has promulgated a manual for its 3 million people that details what to do in the event that Russia invades. Karolis Aleksa of the Lithuania Ministry of Defense remarked that open publication of the manual could deter Russian aggression in the region. (But be aware of PSYOP).

‘Tyler Durden’ of Zero Hedge reports on the close-call incidents of Russian fighter jets with U.S. attachments in a complexed airspace, close-calls that can have serious ramifications if they precipitate deaths or injury. Durden expounds that an incident on the 17th of October involved a “Russian jet that was escorting a larger spy plane” which “maneuvered in the vicinity of an American warplane, Air Force Lieutenant General Jeff Harrigan said. The Russian jet came to ‘inside of half a mile’, he added.

Oct. 27 2016: The Wallstreet Journal reports on the unexpected deployment of 150 SWEDISH troops to the Baltic sea Island, making them the first force to occupy the area in a decade.

As we learn more of what is occurring abroad, periodic updates respecting this issue will be forthcoming. Until then, take care.


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