The Falling Endorsement of Clinton

Back in October we expatiated upon the Clinton campaign and its aim for global war, alluding to the DNC hack that Hillary alleged was carried out by the Russians:

“Here are a few items of pertinence respecting the DNC hack. First of all Putin has denied the hacking allegations (though he heartily finds the hack to have been for the public’s good) and secondly, NSA whistleblower William Binney has countered the claim that the Russians were responsible when reported instead that the hack was the work of a “disgruntled intelligence worker” (though this claim is just as tenuous as the counter). But what did the DNC hack expose anyway? Oh yeah, that Sanders was going to lose the Democratic Party’s nomination from the get-go.”

Now, in a recent article put forward by Infowars, the perspective concerning the DNC hack offered up by William Binney seems to have gained substance. The consensus encircling the DNC hack is this: our own intelligence operatives leaked the information that is now toppling the Clinton enterprise of deceit and corruption.

“This is backed up by former British ambassador Craig Murray, who was told by security insiders that the email leak ‘comes from within official circles in Washington DC.’


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