Of Course Exercise is Important!

We all know exercise is important, but despite this awareness many struggle to find the time or motivation to develop the fitness they desire. It isn’t always easy, but there are ways to insure your fitness plan with exercises that do not require a gym membership. Motivation-wise, here are a few reasons to value exercise.

  1. You have a physical body to interact with a physical world. Therefore, the less capable your body, the less you can continue to interact with this physical world. You exercise to stay functional longer.
  2. Darwinian survival of the most fit is not exactly a principle of evolution I hold to, but it does have a point of consideration relating to global or local disasters. When a bad situation occurs it is likely that those who have achieved a considerable level of fitness are more likely to survive the given scenario. This is a no brainer. Having to run from gray-matter hungry zombies requires fitness. Having to fend off your home from starving mobs requires fitness (among other things). Having to walk 20 miles into town because your car broke down requires fitness.
  3. You will look, feel, and think better. I don’t have the voluminous accounts of research studies in front of me at the moment, but I can assure you that exercise is the MOST valuable preventative medicine that exists.
  4. Your quality of life will be improved. As you increase your level of fitness you will notice an increase in reserves of energy that allow you do get more done in your day, as well as providing you the capacity to engage in activities that a physically unfit individual could not (hiking in the mountains anyone?)

Think of your own motivations to exercise, I’m sure you can come up with a few of your own. List these motivations in your head or write them down if you have to and tack them to a wall. Motivation is key in insuring your physical fitness plan’s completion.

Now as stated before, you do not need to purchase a gym membership to gain a considerable level of fitness. All that is really required is time, and your motivations. Body weight exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, squats, etc. are ok substitutes for expensive equipment and they are more convenient in that you can engage in them anywhere. In tandem with these body-weight exercises, you can start running to and from places you need to go per your daily itinerary. For example, if I find I need something from a Dollar General store a few miles away, I throw on my EDC bag and start jogging there. It provides me solitude for introspection and gets me out into my community as well. Are there areas in your itinerary that you can fill with simple exercises?

Value your body. If it dies, you die. If it is injured, your quality of life will be hindered. If it is well, you will be well.


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