Cyber-Security and Physical Security Vulnerabilities of Critical U.S. Infrastructure

In a 2016 TECH INSIDER video, a white hat (aka ethical hacker) team known as Red Team Security demonstrated how they could penetrate the perimeter defenses of a power sub-station with sundry hacker tools and techniques. Items within their metaphorical tool-bag of security penetration included social engineering (exploiting human weaknesses), RFID badge cloners, malware, infrared reflectors, and aids to physical breeches of security such as lock-picks or the dismantling of lock components.

Ultimately they successfully penetrated 8 different locations bearing some significance to critical power-infrastructure. If desired, they could have easily disabled power for many in the Mid-West, but being ethical hackers focused on elucidating security vulnerabilities, Red Team Security and the like deserve a gesture of gratitude for displaying how vulnerable U.S. critical infrastructure is.



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