Russia Uncovers Cyber-Attack Plot: Suspicions of U.S. Involvement Confirmed?

Back on November 10th we promulgated a post about a cyber-attack which targeted Russian banks. In that post we also speculated on the possibility that, in light of Vice President Joe Biden’s comments, the CIA (or NSA, take your pick) was responsible for the alleged attack on Russian banks.

Now, with reference to an article out of The Telegraph, those speculations seem to have taken on substance.

“Foreign governments have been caught plotting a massive cyber attack on Russia’s financial system, the Kremlin’s main intelligence agency has claimed.”

The Russians have not yet stated which intelligence agencies they believe were involved with the plot, but we can be cautiously sure that the U.S. was involved.


As a premise to the conclusion that the U.S. may have been involved,

we have Joe Biden who stated thus:

What is unfortunate respecting this recent development is the possibility that the Obama administration may still continue to deteriorate Russian-U.S. relations despite President Elect Trump’s vow to restore confidence in Russian-U.S. ties.

To read our post from November 10th, click here.



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