Consciousness and Quantum Mechanics: The Mind/ Matter Interaction

‘We cannot know the infinite for we are finite creatures.’ True or false?

If consciousness is infinite by form, dimension, and substance, and we, being possessive of consciousness are thereby intrinsically related to the infinite of consciousness, what cannot be understood or known?

The barrier to accepting this extraordinary notion is our own preoccupations with the belief that we understand consciousness. We pretend that it is just a phenomenon of gray and white cortical matter neatly connected by an elegant array of synapses and neurotransmitters. But it is more than this.

In fact, the very science that has elucidated the nature of our brain has contradicted the materialistic theory on the nature of consciousness. Quantum mechanics has drawn out avenues of inquiry which have lead to the notion that consciousness and matter can and do affect one another.

We do not understand consciousness, we only understand our own limited theories of consciousness.

What we do know of consciousness now, as evidenced in the lecture given by Dean Radin PhD, is we have much to reconsider respecting the nature of deep reality.


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