The Russian Hacking Theory Needs Substantive Evidence

It is a documented fact of history that the intelligence agencies of the U.S. have repeatedly interfered with the democratic process of elections abroad. Here are a few examples:

In 1948, the CIA co-opted the Italian elections with bribe money to insure their plan of keeping communist powers in check. Their plan worked, allowing the anti-communist Christian Democrats to seize power. Weiner, T. (2008). Legacy of Ashes. p.31

In 1953, the agency succeeded yet again in undermining the ideals of democracy, sending millions of dollars to their Tehran station to facilitate the overthrow of the democratically elected (via popular consensus) Prime Minister of Iran Mohamad Mossadeq:

“They bribed senators, senior military officers, editors and publishers, goon squads, and at least one member of Mossadeq’s cabinet.” Weiner, T. (2008). Legacy of Ashes. p.96

Guatemala, Peru, and many others have been targets of CIA meddling in their respective political processes – an activity carried out for the sake of an interior agenda of the intelligence community.

The common public had not voted for the CIA to launch such operations. The CIA was acting in the interests of the state, that is, the interests of those in power.

Their covert wars are shadow-like, hardly ever giving the public a true understanding of what they seek to accomplish until many years after the fact. Nowadays, with 4th generation warfare in full-swing, one must presume the existence of secret plots, on the part of our nation or another, in shaping the sociopolitical, and economic facets of any given nation.

So why should we be up in arms with the possibility that Russia influenced the election of Donald Trump? Shouldn’t we expect such things?

Shouldn’t we consider the likelihood that our own intelligence community continues to operate in accordance with its own, unpublicized agenda?

But no, the banter between media pundits misses the critical point – there are unseen forces of unknown nations carrying out covert activities against one another every single day, and to assume we know the nature of such activities is speculative at best.

Did the Russians hack the DNC?

The FBI Director James Comey says yes, but this is an appeal to authority. The President of the U.S. Barack Obama says yes, but this is an appeal to authority. NBC news says yes, while citing the testimony of two UNNAMED intelligence officials, so for lack of substantive evidence, this is also an appeal to authority.

The point of elucidating these logical fallacies (appeals to authority) is to make clear that the public has not been provided a single shred of evidence that the Russians did anything –but this is not to say that they wouldn’t.

Those holding the contention that anything covert is afoot should bring forth their actual data instead of expecting the public to rely on blind-faith in public officials, a practice that doesn’t tend to work out well for anyone.

Both nations, the U.S. and Russia have a track record for inuring its people to propaganda and outright lies, so before you post up any memes or links respecting this important issue, make sure they are backed by real evidence.

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Here is a clip of former Deputy Director of the CIA, Mike Morell, straight up admitting he wishes to wage a covert war against Russia and Assad.


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