CIA Shown to Edit Stories: The ‘Fake News’ Notion is Meant to Dissuade from Legitimate Media

You want to talk about ‘fake news’? You know, that notion that implies mainstream media pundits out of FOX, CNN, MSNBC, and the like are the only legitimate sources of verified “news”?

Guess what, that notion may be as backwards from the truth as it can be.

The Intercept is carrying a story that, to allude to clichés of logic, is proving not all crows are black. The Los Angeles Times has been actively collaborating with “CIA public affairs officers” who assess and script the articles written by Ken Dilanian, “now an Associated Press intelligence reporter who previously covered the CIA for the Times…”

The emails which have substantiated this insight, “show that Dilanian enjoyed a closely collaborative relationship with the agency, explicitly promising positive news coverage and sometimes sending the press office entire story drafts for review prior to publication.”

As connoted before, it only takes one example like this to prop up the supposition that more of our media is infected with biased content, machined in such a way as to lull people effectively away from ‘real news’.

On this note we should ask ourselves what constitutes real news?

A Commoner’s criteria prescribes that real news should be as objective, honest, and timely, as is humanly possible.

Lets break that down a bit.

Objective: means to steer clear of subjective opinions. It means avoiding the murderous paraphrasing of speech/writing of witnesses, or other sources of information, that presents an impression out of accord with what has really been communicated.

Honest: means to not state what is incongruous with objective facts, such as Reagan’s position of not being aware of the drug smuggling taking place in the U.S. in exchange for funds to provide weapons to Iran when he was well aware, or Hillary Clinton’s claim of landing in Serbia under sniper fire when in fact she hadn’t.

Timely: means to provide news to the public as soon as all the facts have been verified, not before.

That is our opinion of how ‘real news’ should operate, and using our criteria for assessing the “real”-ness of news, it becomes apparent that the news platforms calling for ending ‘fake news’ are themselves guilty of being un-objective and dishonest. (And no, this piece here should not be considered news, it is opinion, therefore I am not beholden to the mandate of taking the time to cite every single news outlet guilty of the alleged crime)

Watch the video below to see how FOX news has been caught concocting an ‘infowar’ against Alex Jones, alleging that he has slandered Hillary Clinton when in fact his words were taken out of context (murderously paraphrased).

We will return with a piece on how this “fake-news” trend threatens free-speech on the web. Take care all.


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