EDC Bag: A Sample of What You Might Carry

An EDC (Every-Day-Carry) bag should be packed with items that conform to your own personal needs for whatever emergency situation that may arise.

In this post, we will examine a sample EDC pack and its contents so as to foment ideas of what your own EDC bag should contain.

The Bag:


This bag is conventionally termed a ‘camel-bak’ as it comes with a 1.5 liter reservoir for water, very handy in an emergency given you have filled it. The other features of the bag include a large carrying space, small carrying space, and two plastic buckles attached to the shoulder straps for tightening down the load to your body. The bag material should be rugged and not comprised of some cheap stuff that will not put up well with the elements. Ok now lets get into the bag contents.



The assortment of items seen above include the following (from left to right):

  1. CRKT Law-Enforcement style knife (we will review the features of this knife later)
  2. Ear-plugs w/ carrying tube (white)
  3. Kubotan (homemade) – a large diameter bolt wrapped in 550 paracord
  4. Pens and Sharpie
  5. Swiss Army Multi-tool
  6. Lighters
  7. Alcohol in glass carrying bottled
  8. Leatherman Multi-tool w/ various attachments
  9. Headphones w/ mic.
  10. Flint and Steel
  11. Contact Case
  12. Pair of Work Gloves
  13. Length of 550 paracord configured in snake-knots
  14. Handcuffs
  15. Lockpicks
  16. LED Flashlight w/ extra batteries
  17. G27 .40 cal. w/ extra magazine
  18. Phone
  19. Cereal-Bars

Now lets break down the uses of a couple of those items that aren’t that obvious.

Bottle of Alcohol:


This item is packed specifically as a fire-starter aid. In addition, the alcohol can be used as an anti-septic for disinfection or typical wound care.

The Kubotan:


The concept of the Kubotan is attributed to Sōke Takayuki Kubota. The item above is merely a nuance of the original concept in that it is primarily used as an impact weapon and not as a joint manipulation tool. It is constructed of 550 paracord and a large diameter bolt. It can be used to break out windows, chisel through ice, demarcations of stone, and of course, as a concealable impact weapon. The paracord from which it is constructed affords more uses.



This item is of no use unless you have attained the requisite skill. Using a tensioner and a single diamond-pick can aid access through many locks and doors. There have been occasions when I have been at work and, for whatever reason, someone had locked themselves out of a room and left the keys inside – thus presenting me with the hero position. I do not claim the status of master locksmith but am merely one with a keen interest in shinobi-no-jutsu (lock-bypassing components). These picks could come in handy for a wide-variety of scenarios, including the avoidance of freezing outside by entering a building through a steel-door that could not otherwise be accessed. These tools are only to be used for legal purposes, given the situation.

The Leatherman:


An all-around useful multi-tool with a wide variety of screw-driver attachments. Intrinsic components include a can-opener, knife, saw, files, scissors, wire-cutters, and pliers. Well-worth the money. I use this tool frequently. It is like carrying a miniature tool-bag.



You never know when you might need to detain someone. If felonies are committed in your presence, you do hold citizen’s arrest powers, but state laws will dictate what degree of detainment you may use. I like to practice pretending I am Houdini from time to time as well :).

The Outlite (Flashlite):


This model of flashlight is particularly bright, using LED technology with a telescopic neck. The light can be focused so as to blind opponents or hone in on a distant object/person. The light features strobe and S.O.S. flicker settings as well. The light can also be utilized as an impact weapon. A very handy flashlight indeed.

CRKT Knife:


I have to recommend this blade. It comes extremely sharp and is quite rugged. I can verify this as I have used it on a routine basis. This knife comes with an impact diamond on the handle and a seat-belt razor.

There you have it folks, a few ideas of what items to pack. Remember to cover your essentials -food,water,fire,health.


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