Learn to Trust the Universe

If you wish to master the outer world it is necessary that you first master the inner world, for it is the latter from which we manifest our will on the former.

To master one’s inner world requires that one first observe its activities and elements. This alludes to the importance of meditation.

In quiet meditation on the ‘self’ existing within and beyond our bodies, we can eventually uncover a path out of the suffering induced by our mental apprehension of life’s contradictions, paradoxes, and death itself. A comparison of the doctrine of the first lesson of Raja yoga with the philosophy that Lepine associates with the ‘Rin’ mudra of ‘Kuji-in’, yields stimulating concurrences on the issue of death and the nature of the ‘self’. The two sources promote the idea that the real ‘self’ cannot die, but is conversely immortal and, in its own way, a center around which the universe revolves.

Rin: Learn to trust the Universe.

I see it this way.

The universe in which I dwell is a swirling complex of activity that is (seemingly) chaotically determined by an unquantifiable number of other variables (be they planetary orbits, other people, the tides of the oceans, etc.). And just as calculating statistical probabilities for event outcomes requires one have a good understanding of all the variables involved, one can’t determine what will come of life through intellectualization without sufficient factoring of the variables which impact life’s outcomes. Trying to mentally calculate every move one should make in life based upon a finite number of identified variables will not bring good results – for the universe is not finitely defined. Therefore, learning to trust the universe seems logical in the view that we are connected to an infinite number of other pieces of the universe which all influence everything else (in magnanimous and minute ways alike).

Let me put it another way. In a closed system, one can easily discern the ramifications of each individual element on every other element of that system. But if the system is ‘open’ to an indeterminable number of outside influences, it becomes very difficult to predict what will happen within the confines of that system.

This is the problem we face in trying to plan for and respond to life’s uncertainties.  We must have trust and faith in the universe for it is influencing everything we do.

It is not a one-way street. What we do influences the universe as well.

But the important point to retain is that we cannot rely on our mental faculties in resolving existential problems or calculating the probability of a life outcome. We must trust the universe.


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