Harden Your Home: Security Essentials

To enhance your self-defense standing you might take some time to consider what aids to security you can furnish your home with, aside from the conventional firearm. The objective of security is to deter the actions of a would be intruder from targeting your residence for whatever malicious reason. In understanding this principle of security you can better your perimeter stances and simultaneously make your household less appealing to threats. The following list consists of ways you can harden your home:

  1. Get a dog: This may not be the most cost-effective solution to poor security, but it is certainly one of the most efficient deterrents to crime against you and your home. Dogs can serve in early threat detection and signal to you that something is not quite right outside your home. Interestingly enough, even the ancient shinobi were quite weary of the presence of dogs within the area they intended to infiltrate going so far as to concoct baked rice cakes packed with poison to deal with the canine nuisance. If you do get a dog, be sure not to leave it on a chain, as this can give an intruder easy estimation of how far that dog can move. Also, be sure to get a dog that is of a decent size (20 kg or more).
  2. Implement psychological deterrents: These are among the most cost-effective solution to home security and can take the form of anything, from a simple “Smile You’re On Camera” sign placed blatantly on the side of your house or fence, to realistic looking dummy cameras mounted above your entrances. Be creative. The idea here is to seem like a hard target.
  3. Add or change locks to all your entrances.
  4. Reinforce entrances with metal cored doors: Many residences feature doors with large windows that may put locks at risk of being easily compromised by an intruder. It would be wise to change these types of doors out with more robust options.
  5. Motion Activated Floodlights: The benefit of this one should be obvious.
  6. Get to know your neighbors: By creating alliances with your neighbors you essentially draft into service a surveillance team who can watch your home while you are away.
  7. Don’t leave your trash in plain sight: The box to the new TV you just bought is an indicator to a potential intruder that your home has high-valued goods. Break down your trash and keep it secured in a bin. Be especially aware that junk mail carelessly tossed into the garbage can be used by social engineers to plot against you for purposes of extortion or some other deviant goal.
  8. Research Crime Statistics: By knowing what crimes occur in your area you gain the benefit of being able to tailor your home-security plan to the most probable threat plaguing your community.
  9. Close the Blinds when You Leave.

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