The Proliferation and Innovation of Technology Will Not Divert the Collapse of All We Depend On

Laws of ecology posit that any single species cannot subsist unless (a) it is a chemophile, single-celled organism which derives energy via metabolism of elemental forms of energy such as the absorption and transformation of light energy or (b) it shares a global habitat with other species which supply, indirectly or directly, the energy required for fundamental biological processes. In short, we humans cannot continue to presume that our fixation on the paradigm of the expansion of economies will not pose danger to global ecology and our own lives. Biological diversity is a key component to the human habitat, just as much as it is an imperative to other species. What do we think? That we can just continue to pollute, contaminate, extract, expand, and populate the world without any deleterious repercussions?; That we can continue to experiment with our atmosphere?; That we can maintain the implied notion of infinite growth for our economies?; That more technology will mitigate our woes?


I am not a biologist or an ecologist by profession, but I am certainly not blind to the reality that the global trend of human subsistence, inclined towards growth only made possible with an infinite value of resources, cannot continue much longer on a finite planet. Climate activist and architect of Dane Wigington resounds the notion by stating:

“We are facing converging cataclysms. When people focus on jobs, economy and retirement, how much will any of that matter if we have a planet that doesn’t support life?”

The presentation below is given by author of a highly recommended book – Tech-NO-Fix…Technology will not serve as the magic vehicle of escapism that we seek to withdraw from our anthropogenic problems.



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