Moku Ton-Jutsu and CCW with a Hoodie: Modernized Shinobi-no-jutsu Concepts

Don’t undervalue your common hoodie . Believe it or not, this modest article of fabric is brimming with utility.

I make a habit to always wear a sweater, whether on the hips or otherwise, simply because of its intrinsic value as an implement of self-defense. In this post, I will cover just two uses for a common hoodie.

CCW Permit Holster

For concealed carry permit holders, the hoodie can be easily purposed as a concealment and retaining holster for a firearm. Depending on the color of clothing and bulk of material used, this technique offers comparable performance as a concealment holster to that of standard holsters.

Note that, as with any concealment holster, this technique of drawing demands practice. The gun could snag; you may wear too thin of material that displays an obvious profile of the tool; you might even wear the hoodie too loose, thus potentiating the possibility of the firearm dropping to the ground. This article is for informational purposes only, and therefore I am not responsible for your lack of conscience in failure to train safely (also, CCW permits are typically required by law to do this…check your laws) . That being said, one technique of hoodie draw is described here:


The color scheme herein doesn’t matter, though I will say that using a darker color of hoodie allows for lower tool profile, which is important as it associates with the very function of carrying concealed. When draw is necessary, use your thumb to guide the firearm to open display (photo 2) then grip and draw. Once again, practice…practice…practice. Anyone who is desiring to learn this method, should go about their practice by first carrying an UNLOADED firearm around one’s own household. This is to condition comfort-ability and confidence with one’s technique so that awareness of how to keep the firearm properly holstered is developed. If you found the technique worthwhile, depending on your life circumstances, extra magazine holders and a specifically designed muzzle holder could be sewn on to your hoodie. Be creative, but be realistic. Hoodies are a common article of clothing, so think of how it can be used to benefit you aside from elemental protection.

Moku Ton-jutsu

For those of you out there familiar with my posts for their shinobi-no-jutsu content, here is what you are after. For those who are not familiar with moku ton-jutsu, allow me to expatiate a bit:

Gingestu Itoh, a 20th century researcher of ninjutsu has described moku ton-jutsu as,  “techniques involving evading, escaping or otherwise, concealing the body within trees or grasses.” (p.88 Ninjutsu no Gokui). As for historically documented, academic cases of shinobi climbing trees to evade capture, I cannot cite any at this time, though it is a certainty that the shinobi were familiar with a wide variety of methods of concealing themselves among the vegetation of woodland. The technique I provide below is a modern interpretation of what is observed in the following clip by a John Johnson:

So, rather than use an obi, as effective as it is, one can instead use a hoodie as a climbing implement for those stubborn trees without branches. The technique is easy enough. You may feel like a lumber-jack. I know I did. Just be sure to wrap your hands with the loose ends of the hoodie, otherwise you may end up with a couple of scrapes on your knuckles (it hurts to type).



So there you have it. Two unconventional uses of a hoodie. One with CCW and the other shinobi-no-jutsu.


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