Live Coverage: United Nations Security Council Convenes on Situation in Syria

Update: In the wake of the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria, a United Nations Security Council meeting has been convened and is being given live coverage as this is written.

What happened in Idlib, Syria?

According to the US envoy to the UN, Nikki Haley, the chemical weapons attack in Idlib has all the “hallmarks” of Damascus. But curiously, the Russian envoy to the UN is calling for an impartial international investigation into the nerve-gas attack, implying that the details of who used these weapons and how are not known.

What is interesting about all this, aside from the alternative media screaming false-flag, is President Donald Trump’s response to the attack which involved executing a retaliatory attack against a Syrian military base with some 50-60 tomahawk missiles. This response definitively evinces that Trump is NOT a Russian agent as so many media outlets have been suggesting, so we can now sit back and watch for the next move mainstream media will make to vilify him.

On another note, it has been remarked by numerous UN envoys that the use of chemical weapons is a threat to international stability and security (of course), so it is critical that we know exactly who carried out the nerve-gas attack instead of “jumping to conclusions”, otherwise we may be viewing a nuance of the “he has chemical weapons” scenario propped up by the Bush administration to oust Saddam Hussein.


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