Syria: The Road to International Instability

I’m sure that by now you have heard at least a sound-byte of the situation fomenting in the wake of the US assault on a military compound in Syria.

Youtube is exploding with reports that the basis of our intervention is a false-flag, prepping advisory sites are pulling stock up onto the counters as people rush to gain a competitive edge for a WW3 doomsday scenario, and the mainstream media is neglecting to push objective information concerning the incident.

What kind of objective information?

The kind flowing out from Russian intelligence and their Ministry of Defense that displays a relationship in timing between the US airstrike and the mobilization of ISIS forces in that country. The Russian military officer in this video expounds that the Russian government is hopeful that a forensic analysis of the airstrike, chemical weapons attack, and ISIS’s further mobilization is not coordinated together under guidance of the US government:

Though Nikki Haley, the UN envoy who spoke at the United Nations Security Council convened amid the crisis, thinks Assad is completely responsible for the deployment of chemical weapons, the international community may be experiencing skepticism that Assad was stupid enough to nerve-gas his people with the whole world waiting for him to make a wrong move. The Russians are calling for an international investigation into the incident, and are emphasizing the point that US-Russian relations have been drastically vitiated:

It doesn’t matter who you vote in as president.On the campaign trail Hillary Clinton expressed an interest of taking out Assad if she got into the White House, and with Trump, the same is now evident. Syria has been in the cross-hairs of Western hegemony for awhile now. In the past, I made a couple of posts on former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell, who openly called for bombing Assad’s offices and making Russia “pay a price”, a testament to truth in the notion that the US intelligence community is looking for any means to topple another government, destabilize the region, and take advantage of the ensuing chaos. These games are played above us, and there is no referee other than military ‘might’ which seems to make ‘right’ in this world.


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