‘Go Black’ with Your Smart-Phone: A Simple and Inexpensive Method

So you don’t want your cell location tracked, for whatever reason, but you aren’t interested in buying any of those fancy signal blockers to slip over your phone. No worry, there is a very cheap way to ‘drop off the grid’, so to speak, with the knowledge of a basic scientific principle of electromagnetic radiation. But first, lets address the primary reason to learn techniques of ‘going black’.

In previous posts I have expatiated that your smart-phone is essentially a tracker’s dream. Rather than divesting resources to monitor targets through conventional private investigator means, people are literally doing surveyors a favor by purchasing a smart-phone which logs the location of the device along with a wide assortment of other identifying personal data.

Aiding in the legally sketchy surveillance of the cell-user are IMSI-catchers, commonly referred to as Stingrays, that covertly monitor your cell activity unbeknownst to you. Just how many of these surveillance apparatuses are currently operational is, according to Vocative, hard to determine:

“Almost by definition, it’s impossible paint a comprehensive look at stingrays in the U.S. That’s largely due to the fact that, as the FBI has testified in an affidavit, the devices came with nondisclosure agreements and police departments and agencies often promise the FBI to never admit they have such devices.”

So minus the determination to simply not carry around a cell-phone, it is a glaring uncertainty that you will not be tracked or surveyed. How do you increase privacy?

My preferred method of shielding a phone from unwarranted eavesdropping is to purchase some tin foil for a makeshift faraday cage which will block all electromagnetic signals from penetrating the conductive material. The foil makes good hats as well. 😉

In the video below I make a call to a phone and while it is ringing, wrap the device in foil. The ring-tone drops off but, as you can hear, the transmitting cell keeps peeling. The phone encased in foil simply cannot transmit or receive any signal. Do this if you want to ‘go black’ on the whim. But bear in mind, there are less technologically savvy ways to keep tabs on you.



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