In the Distant Past, I Didn’t Exist

In the distant past, time was ‘slow’.

Presently, the world can’t seem to hold onto a moment.

In the distant past, there were less distractions.

Presently, we have been estimated to possess an attention span shorter than that of a goldfish.

In the distant past, people cherished the wisdom and triumphs of their ancestors.

Presently, we hardly know of our ancestors nor praise their ways.

In the distant past, humankind reflected on the nature of universal creation.

Presently, we make all attempts to quell notions of numinous origins.

In the distant past, men and women thrived in the absence of electric haze.

Presently, we can hardly imagine a world without it.

In the distant past, it was thought that world annihilation would be cast down from the hands of gods.

Presently, we have taken witness to the portent of annihilation by the creations of our own hands.

Change is, given enough time, inevitable. This is the principle of impermanence.

But it is undoubtedly bereft of sapience to believe all change is ‘progressive’.

Nihilism flourishes in the minds of our youth, the deluge of digital information has precipitated musings of existential crises, and ‘Kim’ has his finger on a button.

Some might pray for it to be pressed, while others scramble in droves to pull stock from grocery shelves. All this time we are missing the point.

To paraphrase Erich Fromm, ‘our minds have soared into the 21st century but our hearts remain in the stone-age.’ We do not know what to do with ourselves other than accumulate as much ‘stuff’ as we can, incessantly seek satiety for carnal appetites, and flaunt insipid indicators of status all before our lives are… extinguished.

We do not realize our impermanent natures, and our exhibitions most in need of change have escaped it.

In the distant past, we killed each other with clubs.

Presently, we still strike each other down in hate and fear.

In the distant past, we were ignorant.

Presently, we are still ignorant.

Why should these remain unchanged?


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