I am Waiting in Anticipation of What the Human Race Will Make of Itself

The dark irony of this contemporary deluge of ubiquitous information is that despite our evolutionary adaptations that permit us to make sense of the world we find ourselves in, we are virtually inundated with too many talking points, political narratives, scientific data, sit-coms, movies, talk shows, podcasts, Youtube videos, Facebook memes and trivialities, the demands of a 40 hr work-week, self-care responsibilities and gym time, washing the car, maintaining physical relationships, and on and on and on, that we simply do not have the time or brain-space to make sense of anything at all.

Specializations of science have themselves become more specialized.

The depth and span of all educational inquiry has reached league-proportions.

The time one must spend to make a firm conclusion on any issue that finds its way into our minds throws off the will to pursue an answer.

I hear of climate change, for instance, and the talking head narratives for or against policy proposals to mitigate it. I am not a climate scientist. I do not have the time to collate and assess the data which may verify suspicions of anthropogenic global warming. So what do I do? Turn the tube off? Consume the propounded theories of these media figures? Rely on the assertions of the scientists in an appeal to authorities? Do they even know what they are talking about?

What about geonengineering, HAARP installations, and the multitudes of secret weather modification experiments performed on behalf of our military?

Are these factored into the issue? What about the variables of weather that we do not and can not know anything about because of their relation to matters of state security? How the hell am I supposed to KNOW anything of this issue at all, let alone any other? Yet, in a supposedly democratic society, it is my duty as a common citizen to conclude, take a side, and not perform the idle fist to chin thinking of a mugwumpIMG_0323.

Truly, as science expands at an unprecedented pace, and scientists or engineers blaze paths to new technological advancements beyond my comprehension, it is no wonder that the non-specialized/ common mind is increasingly inclined towards nihilism. I could supply you quotations from this or that respected author, but in the ultimate, it really doesn’t matter.

Nothing makes much sense anymore as the neurons of cortical matter delimited by birth are pushed to retain memory of inconsequential factoids rather than serve as a processor of information.

Even the ‘processor’ is pressed to its limits by the digital era. Studies….the all authoritative studies…have indicated a decline in cognitive attention spans to the point that we humans reflect qualities of goldfish. But that hasn’t kept us from using our “smart” devices. How comical that noun is.

Should you be reading this? Is it of any value to you at all? I don’t know. You tell me.

I am simply expressing the chaotic dimensions of epistemological inquiry as it relates to this cyber-dominated society. If you lament as I that the human race is without direction, then by all means continue to peruse my prose. But if you are one to denigrate the questioning which ‘made Socrates’…you have no place here.

Globalism, too, is threatening to devolve the human race. Its products, i.e. cultural migration, cultural syncretism, and cultural marxism, are all having their own foray at the flesh of society. Multiculturalism now equates with the absence of culture as “tolerance” demolishes the nuclear family, usurps the values which established prosperity for our ancestors, and brings men and women around to worship the state in absence of religion.

I tell you, nihilism has taken root, and it is not a nihilism of cold rationality but that of an oblivious people who are feebly seeking their own sense of “identity” in an incessantly changing world.

In addition to all this, I find it simultaneously strange and fortunate that our vast systems of empire have not yet collapsed under the weight of a directionless pursuit for material gain through the exploitation and subsequent plunder of our ecosystems.

To the universe, Atum, Allah, Jehovah, Great Spirit, Source, Mahavairocana, etc. I ask what are we to make of ourselves now?







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