Who Are You?

What do you possess that was not conferred by the society of which you are apart?

You didn’t choose your language; you didn’t choose your ethnicity; you didn’t choose your parents; you didn’t choose your values. Conditioning and biological predisposition has provided you these things.

How then, can you refer to yourself as a true “one”?

The truth is, you can’t.

All these “choices” are only potentiated once you have attained a certain level of cognition and self-autonomy. Therefore, you are from birth an inexorable pastiche; and eclectic composition of the social collective. This is important to understand.

An “individual” cannot exist without that which distinguishes it, i.e. the “collective”, a people, a culture, a nation, which itself cannot exist without many “individuals”.

We rely on each other to express our own individuality, yet, pure individuality corrupts the possibility of unification.

Hmmmm. I wonder then what we should expect from the currents of a diversity flood being fomented by globalism? What can a world of increasingly fragmented identity-groups possibly select as a unifying cause or value?

I do not know.

Perhaps an event is needed.

Global devastation? The specter of ecocide? Maybe some horrible, impending cataclysm? A terrorist attack?



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