FEMA Report: Mass Grid-Down Scenario Could Last 4 Years

In May of 2017 a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act Request) filed by Governmentattic.com yielded the release of a FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) internal document which posits notions of a dark future. The 67 page report titled  ‘Mitigation strategies for FEMA command, control,and communications during and after a solar superstorm’  provides the agency’s rational basis for its assertion that a major disruption in the power grid, caused by a geomagnetic storm, could cause a black-out expected to last a minimum of 4 years.

The report was published in 2010 and is now circulating the internet, imbuing anxiety, disbelief, and indifference: ‘But we have back-up generators right? Everything will be fine.’

This shallow perception is shattered as the report reads:

“Most critical infrastructure and operations centers can operate for approximately 3-7days on generator backup without refueling, with larger centers averaging 7 days. Government and private sector emergency managers operate on the assumption that fuel contracts and pre-arranged fuel deliveries will be available after7 days. This may not be a safe assumption in an extreme solar weather event.”

The report justifies pro-active measures in preparing for geo-magnetic storms by delving into their historical context, citing the Carrington event of 1859 which was powerful enough to start fires, burn up telegraph lines, and send scintillating fingerprints of the aurora borealis to latitudes as far south as Sub-Saharan Africa. It was reported back then that those in the North Eastern United States could read their newspapers by the tremulous glow in the skies. The storm caused minor social upset however, people then were quite self-sufficient and went on with their lives into the electric maze of the 20th century. But if a storm of similar magnitude impacted the earth in this technotronic era, the results would be absolutely apocalyptic.

In the event of another major solar storm geo-magnetically induced currents, the report says, “will exceed” the capacities of transformers, thus posing the “risk of irreparable damage, ‘collapsing large portions of the power grid.” How long does it take to replace a transformer? According to the report, about 12 months.

But what is more, the FEMA report cites the National Academy of Sciences’ conclusion that such a scenario could last 4-10 years!

Imagine that……4-10 years without power. Millions would die.

As a matter of fact, a 2008 publication of the Committee on Armed Services, titled “Threat Posed by Electromagnetic (EMP) Attack” contains a stupendous dialogue between Maryland congressman Roscoe Bartlett and a Dr. William Graham which evinces an affirmation that the aforementioned deaths of millions is a potential reality.

Congressman Bartlett relates in the dialogue that he had the privilege of reading a pre-publication copy of a book called One Second After which presents the plot of an EMP strike on the U.S., wherein 90% of the population dies within a year after the attack. He then asks Dr. Graham if such a casualty rate is realistic, to which Graham replies:

“We think that is in the correct range. We don’t have experience with losing the infrastructure in a country with 300 million people, most of whom don’t live in a way that provides for their own food and other needs. We can go back to an era when people did live like that. That would be—10 percent would be 30 million people, and that is probably the range where we could survive as a basically rural economy.”

Here is a vid. of Newt Gingrich mentioning the book One Second After and giving a spiel on EMP attacks:

So the grid is highly vulnerable to geomagnetic storms and enemy EMP attacks. This is certain. What is not certain is how soon, if at all, we could expect one of these disastrous scenarios to manifest.

The FEMA document cites that the frequency of major geomagnetic storms can cycle in 100 year intervals, so we are overdue on that front.

As for an EMP? We must factor how many countries possess nuclear weapons, the number of terrorist organizations seeking access to such weapons, how likely we are to witness open confrontation with other countries, and a whole slew of other items in order to calculate the probability of witnessing an EMP-like attack in the near future.


That being said, what should you take away from all of this?

1. The power-grid is highly vulnerable to solar storms and EMP attacks

2. The government cannot save everyone

3. The world is becoming more complex, which means more things can go wrong

4. Most people are without basic preparedness supplies or skills

Therefore…exercise prudential intelligence and prepare during this peace.

Be safe.





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