Aluminum & Geoengineering: Neurodegenerative Diseases Linked to Climate Modification

Aluminum is among the most abundant elements of this planet. It is also highly toxic to the human nervous system. Thankfully free-form aluminum, that is, aluminum not chemically bound to other elements, is relatively rare in our biosphere. At least, it used to be.

If you frequent my domain you may have come across the controversial subject of geoengineering. I tend to present radio broadcasts of prominent activist Dane Wigington, whose following has been spearheading the climate modification cover-up. Before I continue be advised that you can visit for detailed studies, documents, and biologist field-reports which substantiate the reality of toxic skies and nano-scaled aerosolized, metallic particulates saturating the earth we depend on.

See Geoengineering Whistle-blowers here

Independent labs across California and in other parts of the U.S. have confirmed that the presence of aluminum and other heavy metals in soil and water has been increasing. The curiosity of this elevation is ‘where did it come from’?

Geoengineering has been implicated on many levels, but regardless of the source, you must know that these toxic metals (barium, strontium, aluminum) are now in the air we breathe as well as the food we eat and the water we drink.

It has been established that aluminum is not readily absorbed by the gut, but a different picture is painted respecting parenteral and inhaled aluminum. The picture is this: neuronal cell death and microgliosis – features associated with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. To paraphrase a Dr. Russel Blaylock who has authored a 2012 study entitled “Aluminum Induced Immunoexcitotoxicity in Neurodevelopmental and Neurodegenerative Disorders”, studies have shown that chronic exposure of mixed cell cultures of astrocytes and neurons to aluminum results in significant microglial apoptosis (programmed cellular death) and “neuronal loss”. In other words, aluminum kills brain cells. In fact, aluminum has been ‘officially’ implicated in the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

The evidence for health detriment via aluminum exposure connected to these geoengineering programs is out there, but no one seems to be listening.


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