Journal of a Watchman: August 1-5 1548

August 1, 1548

I, the lonesome watchman, know of the shadows. Out there, in the dark, their secrets are at work. Ever patient in comportment and steady in resolve, for them it is no hardship to wait in silence.

Waiting for me to hear the voice of a damp wind…

Waiting for me to feel the cold rain descend from above…

Waiting for the heavens to open up with thunder and lightning, that I may be blinded by my senses and defeated by my own habits.

The torchlight flickers. A storm approaches. I fear what shadows this night may conceal.

August 2, 1548

A great fire has consumed our gun-powder stores and decimated our supply of food. Despite the heavy rain, the fire managed to spread about our fortification as well. As the eager took to tending the flames, the rest of us gathered up our courage and held tight to our weapons.

Strange…a raid did not follow the fire.

We suspect a shadow, but not a man can speak of seeing it. There are rumors that these shadows are imbued with the powers of demons. Is this true? I do not know what to think of this.

A messenger has been dispatched to request supplies and report on our situation. We must hold this post for our lord.

August 3, 1548

Did not sleep well. The night watch was doubled and these men have been up all night positing the possibility of a raid. We have begun to cut rations and estimate that the rice that is left will last us a week if we are prudent.

I pray for the protection of our messenger.

We will hold this post for our lord.

August 4, 1548

Awoke in the middle of the night to the shouts of the watch. Booming noises have been issuing from the outlying forest to the North. Some men have investigated the area to find no trace of a human culprit.

We wait for our messenger.

August 5, 1548

Another conflagration has visited us, but this time it consumed a portion of the outlying forest to the North. Thankfully our fortification was not touched by the flames. A few men will be dispatched to investigate once the heat subsides.

A most eldritch milieu overtook the day when one came upon feathers, crow-like and strewn about the epicenter of the charred earth. “Karasatengu” This is the word making its rounds among the men. It has been said in the distant past that these creatures have been known to start forest fires and eat the flesh of men.

Demon or not, we will hold this post for our lord.



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