Android Phones Covertly Tracking User Location: Google Confirms

Q: Are Android phones tracking your every move, even after opting out of location services?

A: An investigation launched by Quartz has concluded that phones equipped with Android software are surreptitiously transmitting user location data to Google even with location services turned off, a spokesman of the company has confirmed.

The investigation supports the corollary that removing a phone’s SIM card, resetting the device to factory settings, and deleting all apps will not garner protection against the prying eye of Google. 

A phone’s communication with WiFi access points, proximal devices, and cell-towers are all implicated in pinpointing user locations.

Solutions for those wishing to stay clear of location snooping:

-do not carry a phone

-wrap your phone in aluminum foil to create a small-scale Faraday cage that blocks all signal transmissions

-dont use Android software, though other phone types may be afflicted with the same problems

-wait for a solution from Google


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