Aluminum is among the most abundant elements of this planet. It is also highly toxic to the human nervous system. Thankfully free-form aluminum, that is, aluminum not chemically bound to other elements, is relatively rare in our biosphere. At least, it used to be.

If you frequent my domain you may have come across the controversial subject of geoengineering. I tend to present radio broadcasts of prominent activist Dane Wigington, whose following has been spearheading the climate modification cover-up. Before I continue be advised that you can visit for detailed studies, documents, and biologist field-reports which substantiate the reality of toxic skies and nano-scaled aerosolized, metallic particulates saturating the earth we depend on.

See Geoengineering Whistle-blowers here

Independent labs across California and in other parts of the U.S. have confirmed that the presence of aluminum and other heavy metals in soil and water has been increasing. The curiosity of this elevation is ‘where did it come from’?

Geoengineering has been implicated on many levels, but regardless of the source, you must know that these toxic metals (barium, strontium, aluminum) are now in the air we breathe as well as the food we eat and the water we drink.

It has been established that aluminum is not readily absorbed by the gut, but a different picture is painted respecting parenteral and inhaled aluminum. The picture is this: neuronal cell death and microgliosis – features associated with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. To paraphrase a Dr. Russel Blaylock who has authored a 2012 study entitled “Aluminum Induced Immunoexcitotoxicity in Neurodevelopmental and Neurodegenerative Disorders”, studies have shown that chronic exposure of mixed cell cultures of astrocytes and neurons to aluminum results in significant microglial apoptosis (programmed cellular death) and “neuronal loss”. In other words, aluminum kills brain cells. In fact, aluminum has been ‘officially’ implicated in the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

The evidence for health detriment via aluminum exposure connected to these geoengineering programs is out there, but no one seems to be listening.


This issue is too pressing to not cover. We are decimating our planet, and each article in his program is legitimate. Dont turn on the basis of preconception. Assess the message.

These programs disperse aluminum into the air we breathe and soil we grow our food with. It is a known neurological toxin:


We have heard from Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch that climate engineering is occurring:

The public denounced his admonitions as ‘conspiracy theory’.

Then we heard from Airforce whistleblower Kristin Meghan that climate engineering is occurring.

The public was not swayed to angst against the programs.

Then ex-CIA intelligence officer Kevin Shipp gave a live presentation on the cover-up of weather manipulation programs:

His dire expostulations were drowned in media noise.

Now, mainstream news sources are openly expounding on the reality of climate engineering, and still, I do not see any sign of major public concern.

“If you want to be confident to get to 1.5 degrees you need to have solar geo-engineering..”,

reads the latest article that openly admits to the reality of geoengineering programs. The piece delves into the plans of climate scientists who are interested in blocking out the sun to fight global warming. Just how might this be accomplished? “Chemtrails”

Yes, the conspiratorial term is now supported by weather modification programs like those of Harvard University and Climeworks, an organization which has “gained tens of millions of dollars in recent years from sources including governments, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and the European Space Agency…”

Now that climate engineering is out on the table, can we heed the warnings of the whistle-blowers?

Fast Facts: Did you know that since 1947 at least 110 weather modification bills have been submitted to congress, the majority of which have concerned modifying weather for operations of war? This is cited in a copy of a report I have by the Congressional Research Service that was tasked with assessing the state of development for weather modification science at the behest of Senator James B. Pearson in 1976. Yet, I find that the vast majority of individuals who are confronted with the question of whether modification of the weather is occurring find the notion incredulous and without substance.

Check the literature though and we find weather modification is occurring to this very day. Pulling from the same report, the CRS pens: “Many of the operational weather modification services provided for private groups and governmental bodies within the states are carried out under contract by commercial firms who have developed expertise in a broad range of capabilities or who specialize in particular services essential to both operational or research projects.” (p.xxvi)

While the report was promulgated during the 1970’s, we should not infer that research has not continued within the domain of atmospheric manipulations. There are torrents of data and experiments that prove weather modification is an operational activity. For instance, take the 1996 report of the United States Airforce titled ‘Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025’.  A “study designed to comply with a directive from the chief of staff of the Air Force to examine the concepts, capabilities, and technologies the United States will require to remain the dominant air and space force in the future.” With publications that so blatantly call for utilizing weather as a “force multiplier” in war, how could any skeptic deny the corollary that research and experimentation must be conducted to fulfill military objectives?

What is more, an Airforce Industrial Hygienist turned whistle-blower who handled materials for an airbase has come forward to express her observations of suspicious materials being loaded onto planes for the aforementioned purposes of weather modification aka geo-engineering:

Don’t be misled by those who would have you believe such a phenomenon is not real.

The Kuji-Goshin Ho

The preceptors of Togakure Ryu traditions, such as Hatsumi and Hayes, have enunciated that the functional fundamentals of the Kuji-goshin Ho are related to the notion that the human body includes a subtle energy system consisting of various meridians and reservoirs, which one can learn to intentionally channel (direct) for specific purposes. Hayes states in his writings that the mudras (hand seals) of the Kuji-Goshin Ho work in tandem with an undisclosed cognitive exercise to manipulate the energy meridians of the body. He claims that the human energy meridians have “sensitive ends and turnaround points” in the hands and feet, hence the reason mudras are a part of the ritual.

The source Hayes explicitly cites for this particular philosophy is the ‘Doctrine of Mikkyo’, a secret doctrine which effuses from Shingon Buddhism propagated through Japanese society by Kobo Daishi (a.k.a. the monk Kukai).

Since we have already established the existence of psychic capacities (see Part 1), what we need to factually establish now, in the validation of the “psychic shinobi” thesis, consists of two things:

  1. Are energy meridians real and related to psychic functioning?
  2. Do practices of Shingon Buddhism really accentuate the flow of energy through these meridians?

Starting first with energy meridians, we can confidently assert that they do exist and are currently being studied under the rigor of modern science. In December of 2013, the Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies published an article titled:

The Primo Vascular System as a New Anatomical System

Just what is this Primo Vascular System? The article declares the following:

“The PVS is a previously unknown system that integrates the features of the cardiovascular, nervous, immune, and hormonal systems. It also provides a physical substrate for the acupuncture points and meridians.”

Acupuncture points?

Yes. As history would have it, Chinese medicine is replete with references to such points which, if stimulated in correct sequence and combination, are known to effectively alleviate, eliminate, and prevent disease through harmonizing the flow of the body’s “Qi”.

So half of the first item of thesis verification can be knocked off the list – energy meridians do exist and are being actively studied by modern scientists. As for the subtle energy known as “Qi” (Ki :Japanese), it has been well-established by a slew of authors and researchers that it is real as well.

But do any of the practices of Shingon Buddhism accentuate the flow of energy through these meridians and if so, does it thereby result in heightened perceptions or ESP?

We will continue this discussion in Part 3.


“The ultimate objective of the teachings of Shingon Buddhism is ‘to excel in skillful means,’ as explained in the Mahavairocana Sutra. The manner by which we pursue our lives, the way in which we relate to people, in other words, our own actions in life are to be regarded with utmost importance.”

I used to devote much of my spare time to the writings of Stephen K. Hayes, a legend in the martial arts community who once served as the physical security detail for his holiness The Dalai Lama.

I remember being particularly fixated on those sections of his books concerning the spiritual arts of the shinobi, such as the kuji-goshin ho, which was purported to, if executed by one with the proper understanding, afford the user ‘supernatural powers’ such as invisibility and psychic precognition – the kind of stuff that makes a skeptic roll the eyes.

What it was about this subject that captivated me so much was its curiousness and relation to existential questions of life and death. Are psychic phenomena real? If so, what implications are therefore extant respecting the existence of an after-life? Could shinobi really apprehend a premonition of danger after devoting themselves to such practices as Kuji-in/ Kuji Kiri? Were any of them really ‘psychic’?

In a world which holds to a materialistic paradigm, ‘No’ is the default answer to such questions.

The idea that shinobi had any supernatural powers at all is considered superstitious by the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team headed by A. Cummins. And this is not without basis, for authentic ninjutsu manuals DO call for such things of a superstitious material such as carrying around the liver of a black dog to avoid detection by one’s enemies.

We live in an era well-defined by science, and any phenomena contrary to this paradigm is unworthy of our attention.

Yet, there is a caveat to this impulsive assertion. A phenomenon, no matter how absurd, is legitimized by its subjection to and survival through the rigors of science.

And science HAS confirmed the existence of psychic capacities.

As evinced in the document covered in a previous post, ‘Anomalous Cognition’ (aka psychic functioning) has been statistically demonstrated under rigorous and repeatable scientific conditions. Not only that, but the evidence that is the basis of this conclusion was scrutinized by the now President of the American Statistical Association Prof. Jessica Utts. She confirms in the paper titled “Assessment of the Evidence for Psychic Functioning”, that psychic capacities are not only real, but that they must be studied for their effects instead of continuing the discussion of whether or not they exist:

“I believe that it would be wasteful of valuable resources to continue to look for proof. No one who has examined all of the data across laboratories, taken as a collective whole, has been able to suggest methodological or statistical problems to explain the ever-increasing and consistent results to date. Resources should be directed to the pertinent questions about how this ability works.” – Prof. Utts

With the notion that psychic capacities are real, we can now peer deeper into what has been written of the Togakure Ryu ninja’s spiritual practices which were thought to facilitate, among other

'Rin' - According to F. Lepine
‘Rin’ – According to F. Lepine

things, the development of extra-sensory perception (ESP).

In part 2 of this post, I will develop the thesis that the alleged spiritual practices of the shinobi may have afforded them the supernatural capacities attributed to them by modern authors.








Ever wanted to construct a micro-biome that could produce insulin for your diabetes? Do you take pride in swapping luminescence genes into various sundry bacteria for the purpose of warning you against poisoned food? If so, then consider counting yourself as one of the many home-based/ vigilante ‘microbiologists’ who are taking their ideas to the kitchen laboratory.

Thanking access to the wealth of information that our digital age can provide us with, the science of genetic engineering is expanding while holding promise for innovative solutions to 3rd world problems (that may be achieved with crowd-sourcing). Want a strain of bacteria that can decompose plastic? Easy. With our fingertips the internet imparts the knowledge of chemical bonds that compose a polymer plastic. One then learns of candidate enzymes that may possess the capacity to break down polymers. Next the would-be scientist identifies the existence of genes that encode for that particular enzyme and then inserts them into an innocuous-enough bacterium. The end product is a bio-remediative, potentially ecologically sound solution to the host of dump disasters and forestland troubles related to plastic waste. Congratulations, if you worked out the details to the preceding steps, you have just created a plastic-eating bacteria.

Genetic engineering is a double-edged sword, but damn…it can be so useful.

I just finished reading a story out of Cowan’s Systems Approach to Microbiology about a software engineer known as Meredith Patterson who turned her kitchen into a microbiology lab to resolve a problem she sees with toxins in food. Using knowledge of recombinant DNA technology, coupled with an intimate artistry with kitchen-ware ‘centrifuges’ (salad spinner), she is/was attempting to create bacteria that will glow in the presence of a toxic substance known as melamine. After the synthesis of the correct gene sequences that  evince luminescence, Meredith intends to deploy the inoculated cultures into yogurt and other foods as a melamine warning system. Genius! And wicked kool at that.

By understanding genomes and principles of recombinant DNA technology, just about anyone can turn themselves into ‘citizen scientists’ like Meredith. Add some patient determination with creative thought and one might go far.

Potential rewards for these ‘scientists’ include aiding critical advancements in healing modalities such as gene therapy (the practice of treating disease with the insertion or deletion of problematic genes) or hormone replacement therapy (using bacteria to synthesize medically therapeutic proteins). However, the caveat to genetic engineering is to remind oneself of the detriment to human and global ecology that might be evinced by reckless gene swaps. Who knows what might be the outcome of unmitigated mating of a goat genetically engineered to produce spider silk, with a goat altered with luminescence genes by some rouge bio-hacker…..hmm.

Anyway genetic engineering is quite interesting despite the balance of ecology we should strive to maintain. What do you think?

In a riveting presentation, former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp exposes the reality of climate engineering as well as offering an aside concerning the events of 9/11.

“9/11 was immediately labeled a terrorist event, and there was a reason for that. When you label it a terrorist event, it stops any sort of criminal investigation right in its tracks. If they would have done a criminal investigation of 9/11 it would have uncovered things that would have painted a whole different picture of why those buildings came down.”

As stated by Mr. Shipp, the quotations below substantiate the notion that the CIA may have a handle in stratospheric dispersion of aerosols for climate engineering. Note that these quotations come directly from the official CIA website

CIA Director John Brennan Speaking to Council of Foreign Relations

“Another example is the array of technologies—often referred to collectively as geoengineering—that potentially could help reverse the warming effects of global climate change. One that has gained my personal attention is stratospheric aerosol injection, or SAI, a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun’s heat, in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do. An SAI program could limit global temperature increases, reducing some risks associated with higher temperatures and providing the world economy additional time to transition from fossil fuels. The process is also relatively inexpensive—the National Research Council estimates that a fully deployed SAI program would cost about $10 billion yearly.”

So tell us geo-engineering through SAI is just a fringe conspiracy theory. CIA says ‘Nope’.