“Astrology is the oldest science in the world. It had its origins in the worship of the moon. Through the long nights before any history books were written, generations upon generations of savages sat and contemplated the wondrous and orderly procession of the seasons and the shining stars in the heavens. Man soon gave them names, and the names were those of the animal spirits he worshipped.”- Zolar’s Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge (p.6)

The institutes of Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf in Germany have put forward a theory in the journal Solar Physics which aims to elucidate the calculated possibility that the sun’s magnetic field is “influenced” by planetary alignments.

Why is this a big deal? Astrology is the ‘science’ of antiquity that postulates celestial bodies as causations/determinants of human personality, intrinsic talents, and the unfolding of events on Earth. Some have gone so far to say that astrology itself was the predecessor science of our modern day astronomy, thereby alluding to its significance.

However, conventional science does not recognize the artifices of astrology as a legitimate method to knowledge, but rather astrology is typically referred to as a false/ pseudo-science. If it does work, no one knows for sure how, nor is there any effective method of measuring astrological predictions and outcomes other than statistical analysis.

But now these researchers out of Germany are theorizing that the alignment of Jupiter with Venus and Earth actually influences the electromagnetic activity of the Sun. One researcher involved with the study stated,

“Interestingly, every 11.07 years, the Sun and the planets Venus, the Earth and Jupiter are aligned. We asked ourselves: Is it a coincidence that the solar cycle corresponds with the cycle of the conjunction or the opposition of the three planets?”

In attempting to understand how the solar cycle is influenced by alignment of celestial bodies, it is important to take note of two ‘effects’ that are said to be signatures of the forces propelling the sun’s dynamo. These effects are called the ‘alpha’ and the ‘omega’. Researchers are specifically interested in the properties of the former alpha effect in that little energy is required to alter it – allowing for the postulation that tidal forces of the planets may be responsible for initiating alterations in the solar cycle.

“Our calculations show that planetary tidal forces act here as minute external pace setters. The oscillation in the alpha effect, which is triggered approximately every eleven years, could cause the polarity reversal of the solar magnetic field and, ultimately, dictate the 22-year cycle of the solar dynamo…”

Should this development of modern science be viewed as a re-invigoration of the antiquated discipline of “astrology”? As above…so below…

Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2016-10-link-solar-tidal-effects-venus.html#jCp

Mini-Ice-age anyone?


Are the individuals who advocate the Black Lives Matter ideology all peaceful? The short answer is no.  In this Commoners Guide vidcast, we will take a look at substantiated threats made towards first-responders by individuals who imply police officers are intrinsically racist and waging a war on the black population.  Let it be stated at the outset that Commoners Guide holds no conclusions respecting the Black Lives Movement as a whole. We simply wish to offer up information that will better equip others to draw their own conclusions.

The document covered in the above video can be found here.

Now with the above information fresh in mind, consider the following points made by Watson in his vid on the Charlotte “protests”.


What do you think folks?

As time advances forward, what of you will remain forever?

Your youth will leave you,

The body will age,

Your hair will gray,

The face will wrinkle,

And your cognition will decline.

That last one is interesting. Without a nimble brain, free of the natural vitiation that comes with age, all the memories and images upon which our ego is predicated will disappear, and with it, our most sanctified concepts of ourselves. In this respect you might consider yourself to be nothing. The mind seemingly came out of nothing, and to nothing it will seemingly decay.

So if this decay of the mind and death of the body is inevitable, and life is but a transient phenomenon, how does one best live his /her life and attain true happiness?

“Perhaps one could turn to hedonism!”

Ah, but pleasures of the flesh are transient as well. They cannot sustain happiness. But then again, happiness cannot, so far as one can tell, be sustained by anything indefinitely; for this would contradict the principle of impermanence.

However, happiness, as abstract as it is, should be understood as a common existential imperative. You see, people don’t purpose themselves to go out and engage in activities that make them suffer as an intentional mode of living. At least I haven’t met any. Sure, from time to time one’s actions generate the soil of suffering into which we sow many seeds, but we should not be so ignorant as to think that human beings don’t tend to seek happiness in life more than suffering.

So, in adherence to this idea of happiness as an existential imperative, what might sustain happiness in our lives? We cannot derive happiness from our hopes for the future, for the future may not come for us. We may not sustain our happiness with our precious memories of past events and those people and things we love, for old age will eventually rob them from us. In truth, attempting to generate happiness by acquiring and clinging to impermanent things will assuredly set us up for discontent.

I’m going to share a secret with you: Happiness is not to be found in the material world.

Think about it friends. Has there ever been a thing in your life that has sustained your happiness up to the present moment? I chance to say there hasn’t.

And so the question beckons us still. What can sustain happiness? Ironic as it may seem, one could argue that the abstract notion/state of happiness may be sustained in the appreciation and acceptance of the finite nature of our physical existences. Death itself is abstract as well. We don’t really know what it means or entails, hence all the fear that the notion of death generates. But in knowing you will die, perhaps you will appreciate more in life?

To the point: I will die, you will die, others will die. This is all natural and not to be feared. Happiness can be found in oneself by accepting this inevitability while respecting the life around us; having sympathy with all, for everything around us is dying. If you do not accept your own impermanence, then suffering will find you, and when it does happiness will obviously vanish. If you do accept death, then you might appreciate the life you do have and bask in contentment. You might treat others with compassion in that they suffer as you have (or do). Why bring more pain into an already diseased and painful world?

That is it for now. Take care.

Make no mistake folks, the CIA is still up to their spy-games. You just don’t hear about them. Here below is a video of Deputy Director of the CIA Mike Morell on Charlie Rose, openly expressing his wishes to use covert operations to make “the Iranians pay a price” and “the Russians pay a price”, stating in the same conversation his desire to blow up buildings in these countries to intimidate U.S. opponents.

What is disturbing about this interview arises when one considers that the U.S. has been occupying territories around the world to fight so called “terrorism” while its clandestine organizations simultaneously engage in propagating acts of terror of its own, such as those advocated by Morell. This interview also serves to display the sadistic tendencies of the CIA and make one wonder just what sort of world relations really exist between the U.S. and countries of the geo-political fray.


If you wish to gain a certain level of proficiency in any skill, there is one thing you must know. We become what we do. It is all fine (supplemental), to attain knowledge of a thing through video and audio, but the best training one can have is in the doing.

Say you want to get really good at making your own beautiful wooden cabinets. With the help of contemporary information technology (IT), you could make cabinets a reality by watching Youtube videos, or attending lectures about woodworking. But the reality is these forms of education will not instill real skill into your spirit. To gain real skill, you must gain knowledge of the principles involved, and then you must do the work.

You must do to gain skill. This is important to remember for it teases out the fact of how much time we waste in the attempt to attain a goal. For example, say you wish to learn to sprint up a wall. This skill requires strength of the legs and dexterity of the joints. So what must one do? You could go and lift weights at a gym, or do jumping exercises at home, but when the time comes to actually run up a wall, would you be able to do it? I chance to say no, you wouldn’t.

You see, to learn how to run up a wall well requires understanding the best technique. To understand the best technique is to understand the obstacle (the wall and your body). To understand how not to run up a wall you must attempt to run up a wall. By learning how not to run up a wall will teach you how to run up a wall. Therefore, your training in this skill is best when you practice running up a wall instead of going to a gym.

Granted, going to the gym respecting this skill may be essential to some, but the principle to understand here is that one gets better at something by doing it, reflecting on how one could perform better, and then doing it some more. As you get better, and understand the principles, then you may begin to play with the skill. This is when the magic of development begins.

To make a wooden cabinet, you must practice making a wooden cabinet. Then practice some more, and some more. This is the only way, otherwise you aim to attain skill only in replicating the ideas of other people. If you replicate the ideas of other people, you are not original. If you are not original, then your skill will not reflect your essence.

Equally useless is going to a gym and learning how to lift weights to get good at running up walls. You won’t get good at running up walls this way, but instead, you will get good at lifting weights. Any comments? Let us know below.

It seems that Richard Cloward and Francis Piven aren’t historical figures who are very well-known to the common citizenry. Sure, from time to time you may find some politically involved fellow speaking about these two people and the ramifications their academic work connotes for the U.S., but you probably won’t encounter such discussions without actively seeking them out. This unawareness poses a problem for our nation because principles of what has been dubbed the Cloward-Piven Strategy are now, according to Judicial Watch, being surreptitiously used to steer our nation towards a most deplorable demise. Read on to learn what the nature and origins of this political stratagem entails.

It was in 1966 that The Nation published an article titled ‘The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty’. Written by two astute political scientists, Richard A. Cloward and Francis F. Piven, the article communicated a proposal to, “advance a strategy which affords the basis for a convergence of civil rights organizations, militant anti-poverty groups and the poor.” However the noble intentions of these authors are debatable as the method of attaining this so called ‘convergence’ of militant associates of the Black Freedom Movement with civil rights activists calls for economically crippling our nation by overloading the welfare system. According to Cloward and Piven, “[i]f this strategy were implemented, a political crisis would result that could lead to legislation for a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty.”

A guaranteed annual income you say? That’s just wonderful! For all or just the poor? Well this superficial language hardly expresses the means by which such an objective would be attained nor the feasibility of its proposed mechanics. The money to support these welfare programs must come from somewhere, and it is highly unlikely that the mega-rich are willing to be recipients of government mediated pocket gouging for forced philanthropy. In other words, those to be heavily taxed would most necessarily consist of middle-class workers, the economic drivers of the nation.

The authors do concede that “some” will contest this proposal with claims that offering job training to the poor to better their standing in terms of economic competition is the better choice than a redistribution of wealth to the masses, but they counter this point with an appeal to sex, stating that a substantial segment of the impoverished are mothers who would be strained to undergo extensive job training. Piven-Cloward also assert that the millions of aged individuals who are poor cannot be helped by such means. I lay these assertions out to make the argument that Cloward-Piven had good points, but sophists intend to persuade by any means.

For some, the Cloward-Piven Strategy can very well be deemed what Richard Poe of www.discoverthenetworks.org termed a ‘Trojan Horse Movement’, “whose outward purpose seems to be providing material help to the downtrodden, but whose real objective is to draft poor people into service as revolutionary foot soldiers; to mobilize poor people en masse to overwhelm government agencies with a flood of demands beyond the capacity of those agencies to meet.” And indeed, in cogitation of the fact that the Piven-Cloward Strategy was influenced by the work Saul Alinsky, a man forever affiliated with revolutionary socialist movements, one can maintain the claim that that is exactly what the strategy is about – not helping the poor. Poe enhances the idea of such an end-game further, writing that, “[t]he flood of demands was calculated to break the budget, jam the bureaucratic gears into gridlock, and bring the system crashing down. Fear, turmoil, violence and economic collapse would accompany such a breakdown — providing perfect conditions for fostering radical change. That was the theory.”

Though The Nation’s article of Cloward-Piven was written back in 1966, we find its implements in effect today. According to Judicial Watch, President Obama signed an order that ultimately coordinated the hiring of some 20 experts of the behavioral and social sciences to comprise a panel of researchers whose objective was to “expand the use of government programs at dozens of agencies”.



Artificial recombinant DNA enzymes, Germ Line Gene Therapy, cloning, these are a small few of the fruits derived from the tree known as bio-technology. Today this particular science receives much adulation and gratitude from the common citizenry for its many promises of a more care-free, hunger free, and choiceful world.

With gene splicing of plant DNA, a practice typically known as genetic modification, advocates assess that solutions to world conundrums and difficulties have at last been found. World hunger seems to no longer have an excuse for its persistence thanks to plants which have greater yields, increased immunity to pathogenic growth factors, and resistance to pests.

Stem cell research bolsters the belief that one day all defective organs will have replacements derived from the milieu of a laboratory. It is also conceivable that through inheritable gene swaps all defections of a developing fetus can be utterly abrogated, including those aspects of aesthetic quality,  giving precedent to a civilization without weakness and flawless features.

To the commoner, these promises of bio-tech of course seem quite propitious. Who would object to the riddance of disease and hunger while simultaneously ameliorating the shallow superficiality which impels a parent to shape its offspring according to its own predilections (designer babies)? Who would object to the slow accustoming to habituate the practice of eugenics? Well here I ask not to be rhetorical, but more as a facetious jostle; did not Hitler advocate the ideal of a pristine race arisen from the ashes of ethnic and racial extirpation? This is not to hold that all the derivatives of biotechnology are inveterately known to have negative social implications, for I admit there is great import in this science, especially in the areas of stem cell research and cloning (for the preservation of species on the precipice of extinction).

The prime contention here is predicated by the historical analysis of mankind in that time over time we have evinced a proclivity for acquiring means for the cultivation the most distasteful of inventions. Einstein’s E=mc2 brought with its practical application, as all things do, a duality. This famous equation initiated the world’s peoples into a period of deeper understanding of our universe, while serving as the hand of provenance for the schematic of an atom bomb. With the discovery of agriculture, an increased supply of food gave satiety to a civilization’s belly, while duly sowing the seeds of class stratification which invariably lead to inequality.

A duality is present in all, why then would one even suggest the void of abuse for the technology of genetic engineering? Already, it is coming to light that the U.S. military is delving into research of genetically engineered biological weapons. These weapons consist of hyper-virulent bacteria and viruses which have the adaptive capacity to thwart any efforts to immunize against or subsist through with an unprecedented contact lethality. The specificity to which these weapons can be engineered has lead the suggestions of some ‘experts’ that the possibility of targeting specific racial groups – a nefariously eugenical dream is not wholly unfeasible.1

Perhaps I spoke too late. The release of one of these pathogens from a level four bio-weapons facility in all likelihood would be utterly devastating. The chances of such a travesty occurring are beyond any commoner’s scope, but given that the inception of new militant technology usually sparks the interest in other nations, thus setting the stage for proliferation of these weapons, the probability drastically increases for the advent of an unintentional release.

But digression here, though tempting, is not the point. I write to convey the sentiments of uncertainty, of trepidation. I know that while the benefits elicited by this science’s proponents are incentive to the acceptance of further experimentation, there remains a most spacious ground upon which those that hold the means, can stir up their creations without the chains of disagreement to keep them from crossing ethical, metaphysical, and, for many (though I am not one) theological boundaries.

Also, the ramifications stemming from the introduction of these genetically modified species of fauna and flora into the environment are unpredictable. The balance of a system is intricately tied to the intrinsic synergy of its elements whereas the addition of a single element disproportional in quality and quantity to a pre-existing system alters its entirety.

Generally all systems reach an equilibrium following a perturbation. What determines this equilibration is the component of time. As the old maxim goes, all wounds heal with enough time, but concerning genetically modified species, how does the aspect of time figure into their unprecedented introduction? The systemic changes resultant from the projected character of these species would likely occur with such rapidity that compensative equilibration would either lack the potency necessary to preserve its elements, thus inducing chaos in which certain species are not guaranteed a survival, or by some chance, no dramatic changes occur at all. The question here is whether we should take those risks, and who would oversee the implementation of restrictions necessary to preclude abuse of the technology.



  1. Cummins, R. 1999. Genetic Engineering Threatens Society. Genetic Engineering-Opposing Viewpoints Series. 2004. p.37. Greenhaven Press.

If you are seeking solutions to home security, but don’t have the money to invest in a sophisticated system, then this review of a small door alarm might be useful to you.


I picked up a pack of four of these from a hardware store for just a couple bucks, and while they aren’t as nifty as ADT, they can provide you with a degree of home protection given you adhere to a few use protocols.

The alarm itself is powered by 3 coin batteries. As depicted in the photo, a segment of the alarm is detachable and contains a magnet that keeps the circuit open when in contact with the body of the alarm. The conventional uses for these alarms consist of attaching them to a door frame or window frame (the back of the body has an adhesive coating) in such a manner that breech of the door will result in a breakage of the magnetic contact and a closure of the internal circuit. This culminates in a vociferous oscillation that may be a deterrent to would be criminals.

In addition to its marketed uses, I will supply you with a few unconventional uses of these alarms that should provide additional security to your home (or what have you) with a little bit of thinking. So lets get into it.


Trip-wire Improv.

This unconventional use is simple and a utility multiplier given you apply some thought.   img_08881

As seen in this photo, I have simply taken the magnetic contact and wrapped it with some navy-blue thread. Color choice is important as this device is likely to come into use in the dark hours, so don’t pick a thread color that is too easy to spot.

Next, attach the device to the outside of the walkway you wish img_08911to wire with the magnetic contact above the body of the alarm and run the thread to the opposite side of the walkway. Attach the running end to anything you find fit, just make sure the line is seimg_08901cure.

Check your work. I placed this trip at a height of approx. 2 feet and shined it with a flashlight. As you can see the thickness of the the thread makes the line indiscernible without putting your face right down next to it.

Arm the alarm by flicking the switch on the body and you are good to go.

The drawbacks of this alarm are contingently manifest respecting the user’s sleep. If you are a heavy sleeper, then this alarm will do nothing for you. If you wake in response to loud noises, then follow these precautions in the event of a home break-in.

  1. Have a phone next to your area of sleep so you can alert the authorities.
  2. Have either a blunt weapon or fire-arm ready at your bedside along with a flashlight. The flashlight is for identifying the int-img_08941ruder before you use any kind of force (which I don’t recommend with litigation and all). I also do not think knives are a good choice for bedside protection in that trouncing around with one in the darkness after an intruder seems to invite disaster (just sit-tight and wait). The intruder could be armed, trained, stronger, faster, and more inclined to harming you. The best thing to do is call 911.

September 11th, 2001 resides in the minds of the American people as a date of tragedy and loss. On that day, radicalized Islamic terrorists armed with box-cutters, seized four planes in flight and proceeded with an attempt to decimate their targets with commercial airlines as their tools of immolation. Their purported objective, entailing the terrorization of the American people, was accomplished with 75% of their targets sustaining impacts from the hijacked planes, including the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon.

Following the attacks the twin towers collapsed into their own footprints, serving as the first demonstration in recorded history of a multi-story steel frame building collapse attributed to fire and as the inflammatory precedent that would propel the U.S. into over a decade of war.

To this day, a colorful plethora of authors, filmmakers, and media commentators have evinced extreme sedulity in dissection of the official narrative of the 9-11 events emphasizing the continuation of a search for what truly happened according to eye witnesses, physical analyses, firefighters, police officers, and a multitude of other professions and specialties. Among these, of substantial eminence is the group known as The Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth of which founder Richard Gage, an architect himself, expounds upon the discrepancies between the structural integrity of the buildings and the nature of the collapses with corroborations from other architectural designers, video and audio recordings, and physical principles. There is also the organization known generally as 9/11 Truth, as well as multitudes of other grassroots movements affiliated with them who all are interested in a new investigation of what occurred that ill-famed day. Naturally, their questions draw the attention of new proponents and oppositions.

Addressing these opponents, let it be known that the kind of studious attention given to the trade towers and their questionable collapse carries with it, of course, a tinge of the term “conspiracy theory”, which the skeptical are quick to elicit in an attempt to defame, discredit, or even to outright insult those curious of the official narrative. As this derogatory use of the term is digressive in the process of a dialectical inquiry of such a subject, it should be noted that ad hominem attacks have no value in the drawing of conclusions. So, to those who are predisposed to relegate the notion of alternative explanations concerning the 9/11 to the metaphorical pile of lunacy without examination of their antithetical counterparts, this discussion is not for you.

Let it also be stated that the 9/11 Truth movement is not to be confused with an equivocation in purpose, for the unifying consensus among these potpourris of specialties is that the buildings in question simply weren’t brought down in symmetrical collapses by a few hundred gallons of jet fuel. They seek to ameliorate a new investigation – a reconstitution of the evidence evincing what actually occurred before the denizens of the U.S. and even the world.

What can be expected from a new investigation of 9/11 is a finality. If remission of critical resistance comes to a new investigation, the heat of debate will dissipate in light of the absolute evidence. Why then haven’t the people been given their new investigation?

Until that time, we can only expect to hear the profuse litanies of content from either side of the 9/11 spectrum; without a referee. Until that time, those who are deemed “conspiracy theorists” will not be silenced or pacified, and uncertainty in opinion concerning the event will plague the commoner. It is crucial that we come to some sort of consummation regarding the history of these events, for time continues to move forward, and future generations require a firm history upon which they may base their decisions. We must somehow provide.

What follows is a terse recollection of 9/11 research contending with the mainstream and widely publicized consensus of what occurred.


Monitor the Content

As we begin our evaluation of 9/11 it is helpful to consider the use of principles of conduct that may elevate our understanding of the material and its transformations over time. One such principle of philosophical and scholarly conduct that continues to remind us of the imprudence inherent in hasty dismissals of eccentric or novel ideas comes to us from an old concept regarding the ontogeny of truth.

Essentially, truth undergoes a three stage process of distillation before it is accepted by the masses. First it is ridiculed, scoffed at, and ignored; secondly it receives more attention and is vehemently opposed until thirdly, it is finally accepted as being self-evident. It may be observed that this type of ontogeny is emulated in what is known as the 9/11 dialectic, wherein a parity of concession now exists that virtually divides a nation. It is reported that up to half of Americans maintain the idea that the true story of 9/11, particularly the portion relating why the twin towers and World Trade Center 7 (WTC7) fell, has not been divulged.1

Obviously this division among the populace forms dialectic and as with any dialectic, a solution may be derived from synthesizing opposing arguments and providing a synopsis devoid of contradictive material.


NIST’s Investigation of the Twin Towers

The twin towers were marvels of human ingenuity erected from engineering practices of the 1960’s which envisioned not only the great strength of hurricane force winds as potential forces the buildings may need to endure, but even the impact of a Boeing 707 at 600 mph was considered in the original design of the twin towers.2 In conjunction with these plane impact standards, each tower received ample reinforcement of its 47 box columns by a coating of spray-on fire-proofing material and each building contained a sprinkler system that proved useful on the numerous occasions throughout the years when the buildings became victims of fires. But 9/11 would surely prove to be the ultimate test of these buildings’ integrity.

At 8:46 a.m. EST Flight 11 slammed into the north face of WTC1, ejecting fiery debris down to the populated streets. Panic and hysterical disbelief ensued. Then at 9:02 a.m. another plane, Flight 175 impacted the South Tower’s southern face, adding to the cacophony of emergency vehicle sirens below. Incredibly, the strength of these towers were apparently tested beyond limitations when they both came shattering down to fill the New York landscape with a thick, choking dust that enveloped all it touched.

To cope with the consternation thrown from the multitudes that speculated on how these buildings fell, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) ventured an investigation hailed as the most authoritative of its kind. The conclusions entailing this investigation are as follows.

Addressing the causal mechanisms of collapse, NIST’s claims can be tersely summarized: damage by aircraft and fire. The first tower to be struck by an aircraft, WTC1 (North Tower), received immense damage spanning between the 93rd and 99th floor where inner core columns were in all probability severed.3 Thousands of gallons of jet-fuel dispersed by the immolation of the plane set fire to the building although only 15% of the total fuel ignited within. After burning for over an hour, at 10:28 a.m. EST the North Tower collapsed. NIST’s hypothesis for this is that the combined effects of the aircraft impact, fire and jet fuel accelerant, dislodgment of fireproofing material from the core columns, and pull-in forces caused by sagging of floors ultimately initiated the collapse.4

Turning to WTC 2 (South Tower) which was also impacted by a Boeing 767 after the North tower, NIST makes essentially the same case that due to sagging of the floors caused by thermal expansion of floor trusses and high temperatures as well as the weakening of structural integrity by the jet impact, collapse was consequential.


NIST’s Investigation of World Trade Center 7

The events of 9/11 were novel in the context that at no other time in history had three high rise structural steel buildings, WTC1, 2, and 7 collapsed into their own footprints. Even NIST has made the assertion that indeed WTC 7 was among the first known instances in which collapses of such modern day goliaths of engineering were attributed to fires- the other two being the twin towers themselves.5 This fact alone surely brings up the question of just how such an event could have occurred.

World Trade Center 7 was not struck by a plane; therefore its fires were not bolstered by a jet-fuel accelerant. As indicated by NIST, WTC7 received damage and fire ignition sources from the collapse of the North Tower by which flames were thrown to ten or so floors.6 At about 5:20 in the afternoon of 9/11, onlookers observed the  finale of the day’s events in the form of a third straight-down collapse of a  high-rise building. NIST explains that the,” conditions that lead to the collapse of WTC7 arose from fires, perhaps combined with structural damage that followed the impact of debris from the collapse of WTC1.”7 It should be noted that NIST did include sections within its final report of WTC 7 pertaining to the feasibility of a controlled demolition through explosives, but after a few computer-generated scenarios this hypothesis was ultimately discarded for audio evidence of a “demolition-type blast”, which would be expected in such an event, could not be corroborated with video of the building prior to collapse.8


Inconsistencies with NIST’s Final Reports

A reevaluation of 9/11 histories is not meant to insinuate to the reader an inference that all conspiratorial notions counter to NIST’s analysis have validity, rather what is implied is the need for the formation of a new hypothesis that accounts for all anomalous aspects of the global collapse of WTC1, 2, and 7. These anomalous aspects range from temperature values inferred with materials discovered prior to and after collapse, descent patterns and times of the three buildings, and a whole plethora of witness testimony that contradicts what has been disseminated throughout the years by popular media. It is this data that advances against the reports issued by NIST.

Beginning with analyzed materials of the WTC catastrophe that are inconsistent with NIST reports, there is one intriguing piece of data in particular arising from the dust of Ground Zero through the work of Kevin Ryan and his research team, that has afforded leeway to a new hypothesis of collapse.

Kevin Ryan is a former employee of Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the institute that tested and certified the fireproofing material as well as the steel utilized in the WTC buildings. After 9/11, Underwriters Laboratories “participated in the NIST WTC investigation, which was a clear conflict of interest.”9

Ryan became vocal about his skepticism towards the official explanations of collapse and was subsequently fired from his position at UL. Undaunted though; Ryan pursued a different explanation of collapse. Upon the issuance of a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to the United States Geological Survey for data not reported in the initial survey of the WTC site by the USGS team, Ryan’s team received information indicating that the WTC dust contained “metallic microspheres” composed of iron and molybdenum.10 At first glance this find may seem to be of little importance, that is, until one realizes that molybdenum is a metal whose physical characteristics include a melting point of 2623 degrees centigrade.

NIST admits that the WTC fires and their accelerants, could not reach the temperatures required to even begin to melt steel.11 The steel of which the towers were comprised has a melting point of 1500°C whereas the hydrocarbon fires accelerated by jet fuel can at best reach temperatures of 1000°C. Bearing in mind that the maximum gas temperatures reported by NIST to have been associated with the fires of the WTC buildings were 1000 degrees Centigrade12 a very large discrepancy in temperature values now exists. The formation of molybdenum and iron microspheres suggests not only very high temperatures in the WTC buildings uncharacteristic of typical office hydrocarbon fires, but a force, that would propel the molten molybdenum and iron into spheres via action of surface tension. It should also be noted that while NIST admitted the hydrocarbon fires were simply not capable of melting steel, there remains evidence of unexplained pools of molten metal which were observed prior to collapse initiation.

Even if these buildings were structurally compromised by fire and damage incurred from the plane impacts, wouldn’t one expect the collapse to exhibit a fall pattern proportional to the damaged sections, toppling in the direction of least resistance? This is of course the logical conclusion; however that is not the phenomenon which was witnessed.  As NIST conceded, these buildings came down at nearly free fall speed – a feature associated with controlled demolitions of buildings precipitated by pre-planted explosives.

For visual aid, it is highly recommended that one engages in the comparison between a controlled demolition, of which there are many resources and videos available, and the collapse of the towers 1, 2, and 7. One is sure to see the similarity in descent patterns between the two. Following from this, one might ask what evidence exists which could be corroborated with the claim that explosives were planted in these buildings?


Controlled Demolition

Niels H. Harritt, Dr. Steven Jones and their colleagues provide clues to that question in a paper published in the Open Chemical Physics Journal, of 2009. In it Harritt and Jones present startling findings that are indicative of the Trade Centers’ demolition through high powered explosives.13

The results came after analyzing dust obtained from four sites of the ground zero area that were collected the day of the attacks, thus ruling out contamination of the samples themselves by the subsequent cleanup efforts. The analyses of these samples consisted of meticulous microscopy and differential scanning calorimeter (device which measures energy output of heated substances) assays of the small (0.2 to 3mm) “red chips” of unknown composition found within the dust.

Probing the samples further, Jones and his colleagues fractured some of the red chips to expose a fresh surface subject to the glancing of lab equipment which yielded the analysis that the chips contained elements of aluminum, oxygen, and iron in fine mixtures.14

For those unaware, the above mentioned are the components for thermite; a super-hot incendiary that burns at approximately 2500°C. To gain perspective on this kind of heat bear in mind that molten lava temperatures are approximated at 700-1300°C. In other words thermite holds the potential to burn at twice the temperature of magma and well above that necessary to melt steel. This revelation adds credence to the idea of a controlled demolition of the towers for cutter charges or some other sort of explosive would require a potential to manifest sufficient temperatures that could cut through the massive steel box columns supporting the structure. The paper continues:


“Based on these observations, we conclude the red layer of the red/gray chips we have discovered in the WTC dust is active, unreacted thermitic material, incorporating nanotechnology, and is a highly energetic pyrotechnic or explosive material.”15


Indeed, a sure way to bring a building down into its own footprint is by well-placed cutter charges around core columns to effect the removal of support that induces a collapse, but to substantiate the idea that such a method was employed in the destruction of the buildings in question requires evidence of demolition nuances witnessed by people on the site prior to collapse.

Interestingly enough, there is a wealth of this particular type of testimony in that firefighters, and other emergency personnel were quite vocal of what they were experiencing, citing peculiarities like “molten steel” and “explosions” within the buildings.16 The fact that NIST ignored such witness testimony signifies an inexcusable partiality to their own theoretical frameworks that damages the fidelity between their promulgations and the public.

Commenting on such partiality and willful ignorance of the witnesses by NIST, the Honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy Fredinando Imposimato, wrote that the institute’s investigation fails to,


“demonstrate at all that the three towers fell down because of the impacts of the planes and the fires. Other factors such as bombs and/or incendiary devices seem to be required to explain the observed facts.”17


Pushing the idea further, it is interesting to note that even Peter Jennings of ABC news commented as the 9/11 attacks were occurring,


“anyone who has ever watched a building demolished on purpose knows that if you’re going to do this you have to get at the under infrastructure of the building to bring it down.”18


Aside from anomalous materials and witness testimony, there is yet a tertiary indication of controlled demolition of the WTC site. It has been calculated with video of the catastrophe that all three of the World Trade buildings exhibited near free-fall acceleration during their collapses,19 an aspect of 9/11 that proves cogently anomalous in light of NIST’s fire induced collapse paradigm.

This paradigm cannot satisfactorily explain how it is that thousands upon thousands of tons of resistance were utterly obliterated from underneath the damaged sections of the buildings. Particularly in the instance of WTC 7’s decent into rubble and dust, the use of this explanatory paradigm warrants a revision to the causal mechanism of collapse initiation in accordance with the fact that while the twin towers were struck with airplanes, WTC 7 withstood only falling debris which equaled 1500 times less kinetic energy than that of a 757 Boeing Jetliner impact.20

NIST beckons the public to believe that three high-rise steel framed buildings collapsed precisely in the same manner, despite the well-established observation that their damages were all variant.

In conjunction with the milieu of uncertainty respecting the collapses, seismic disturbances coinciding with the demolition thesis were recorded. The recordings originate with Columbia Universities Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Pallisades, New York. On 9/11 at 9:59:04 EDT, a 2.1 tremor resounded from the South Tower collapse. Following this tremor, another of 2.3 magnitude was recorded at 10:28:31 EDT correlating to the collapse of the North Tower. The question at hand however, is whether or not these tremors were actually the result of explosive disturbances from the basements of the towers and not issued by the detritus of the falling buildings.

Relating to this question, it has been ascertained that the seismic shocks did indeed arise just before the mass of the buildings came smashing down, leaving an anomaly which supports the controlled demolition thesis.21

In the official version of these events, the seismic waves recorded were attributed to the collapses of the towers, however thorough analysis of these waves indicate the explanation as either a feckless attempt to dissuade further inquiry or an honest error in calculation. The magnitude of the waves emitted, the interval between wave inception, propagation, and reception, and the manner in which the buildings fell display incongruities with the idea that these waves were initiated by the impacts of the planes, and the fall of the buildings.

Concerning the collapses one might expect, had the towers slammed into the ground, the bulk of their mass to have created the observed seismic activity. But these buildings didn’t fall according to the parameters necessary, they imploded floor after floor, pulverizing the bulk of the material whose mass might have educed a seismic wave.22


World Trade Center 7

WTC-7 was a 47 story steel frame sky scraper located just North of the Twin Towers. Its floors comprised offices for the CIA, IRS, DoD, U.S. Secret Service, Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as other financial firms.23 At approximately 5:20 New York local time, the building collapsed straight-down into its own footprint. In NIST’s final report on the collapse of WTC7 they admit that the building came down at freefall speed for a period of eight floors.24

Strangely, the awareness of this collapse among the general public is rarified. More people should know about this building. This case of collapse evinces a gaping hole in the explanations of structural failures in the other two buildings for WTC-7 wasn’t even hit by a plane.

The official narrative for WTC 7 collapse involved the weakening of the structural integrity of the buildings due to fire as well as the reception of collateral damage from the North Tower collapse. However, these two elements seem highly unlikely to be conducive to a collapse culmination given that there is no precedent for the collapse of a steel frame building attributed to fire (except the North and South towers) in the history of structural steel architecture. Yet it remains FEMA’s line despite evidence to the contrary.

From FEMA’s own report, in Appendix C, a piece of startling evidence taking the form of a steel beam exhibits punctures and marked thinning brought about by some initiator of extreme heat. Respecting the buildings, what could account for all these anomalies other than a controlled demolition? Office fires don’t burn holes through steel. Secondly, how does a 47 story building, which has a core structure of 47 box columns, collapse straight into its own footprint? This is a rhetorical question; buildings don’t collapse that way due to fire.


Flight 77 and the Pentagon

The Americans have been told to believe that Hani Hanjour, the terrorist who piloted American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon, did so with finesse in maneuvers that professional pilots claim would be impossible to execute: A 270 degree turn at an excess of 500 mph in a 757, ending in an impact of the west wing of the Pentagon. The complications with this version of the events are multi-faceted.


  1. First of all, Hani Hanjour could not even fly a single engine Cessna, let alone a 757 colossus by comparison.25
  2. Secondly, a 757 has a wingspan of 125 ft., yet the damaged section of the Pentagon exhibits an impact hole diameter smaller than that, approximating 15-20 ft.26
  3. Third, if maximum infliction of damage was the principal goal of the attack, Hanjour could have fulfilled this objective by simply tilting the aircraft into a nosedive aimed directly at the roof of the Pentagon. Instead, as the official version goes, he impacted the only side of the Pentagon reinforced to withstand a terrorist attack at speeds deemed by seasoned airline pilots as impossible to control.27
  4. Lastly, the purport that Flight 77 slammed into the Pentagon has yet to be corroborated with video evidence attained by CCTV cameras positioned around the perimeter. To date, two videos with only 5-frames depicting a white streak and a fireball, released under pressure of FOIA requests, is the only clear picture we have of what hit the Pentagon; and it doesn’t look like a plane. If the official version is true, then why won’t the FBI release the videotapes confiscated? Where are the engines, fuselage, and landing gears? Is there any historical precedent to suggest this plane can vaporize into nothing? What is being hidden from the public? What is on those tapes?


9/11 Commentary

In terms of dialectics, appeals to the volume of either side are wholly irrelevant unless the data they present stands up to rigorous scrutinization. But to subside the critique of the 9/11 movement as being composed of uneducated zealots of an untenable cause, I sought to compound a terse list of some prominent individuals and their perspectives on 9/11.


Major General Albert Stubblebine, U.S. Army, (retired)

“One of my experiences in the Army was being in charge of the Army’s Imagery Interpretation for Scientific and Technical Intelligence during the Cold War.  I measured pieces of Soviet equipment from photographs. It was my job. I look at the hole in the Pentagon and I look at the size of an airplane that was supposed to have hit the Pentagon. And I said, ‘The plane does not fit in that hole’. So what did hit the Pentagon? What hit it? Where is it? What’s going on?”28


Lt. Col. Shelton F. Lankford, U.S. Marine Corps, (retired)

“September 11, 2001 seems destined to be the watershed event of our lives and the greatest test for our democracy in our lifetimes. The evidence of government complicity in the lead-up to the events, the failure to respond during the event, and the astounding lack of any meaningful investigation afterwards, as well as the ignoring of evidence turned up by others that renders the official explanation impossible, may signal the end of the American experiment. It has been used to justify all manners of measures to legalize repression at home and as a pretext for behaving as an aggressive empire abroad. Until we demand an independent, honest, and thorough investigation and accountability for those whose action and inaction led to those events and the cover-up, our republic and our Constitution remain in the gravest danger.”29


Dr. Steve Pieczenik, former Deputy Assistant to Secretary of State:

“The event of 9/11 was carried out for one purpose. It was carried out to mobilize the American public to go to a war that they didn’t need to go to. . .on the false pretense that we were attacked by Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden, which was an absolute and unmitigated lie.”30


Richard Gage, Founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth:

“There’s evidence to suggest that explosive

demolitions have brought down all three World Trade Center skyscrapers and we have now 1500 architects and engineers calling for a new investigation based on this evidence, including, the third skyscraper that most people know nothing about.”31


Major Douglas Rokke, PhD (retired) concerning the Pentagon:

“When we blew up the World Trade Center – I want to repeat, that it was deliberately blown up. The aircraft definitely hit the sucker. There were definite explosions inside the thing. You talk to Willie Rodriguez, you talk to the police and the fire, my guys – no two ways about it. It’s on the radio communications. Everything else out there. It happened. The Pentagon, same thing. No aircraft hit the Pentagon. Totally impossible! You couldn’t make the turns with a 757. You couldn’t fly it in over the highway. You couldn’t fly it over the light poles. You couldn’t even get it that close to the ground because of turbulence.”32


By now, it should be clear that the central notion of alternative 9/11 histories is not some elaborate myth rendered without compunction. Rational people have come forward to detest the official version of events, many of whom have been attacked and vilified for their efforts to uncover the intricacies of the disaster.


The Master Mind in the Grotto

Bin Laden was a U.S. tool for geostrategic resistance to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980’s. The C.I.A. obliquely funded and trained the Mujahadeen and Bin Laden through the auspices of the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence Agency (ISI). In other words, Bin Laden was an asset to the C.I.A.

Relating to this obscurity of history and central to the Bin Laden boogey man hoax is the oddity of his stay in an American hospital located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in July 2001.This eleven-day hospitalization, reportedly due to a kidney dialysis treatment, was marked with a liaison between him and agents of the C.I.A.

If this man was so difficult to find, then why would he appear in an American hospital, especially given the fact that he was already one of the FBI’s most wanted? We are lead to believe that though the C.I.A. had precise intelligence on Bin Laden’s whereabouts, he mysteriously disappeared without a trace following the September attacks.33

It should be made known that this man had Marfan syndrome, and as Fox news reported back on December 26th, 2001, Osama bin Laden in all probability had already died from complications incurred from his illness prior to his alleged assassination.34

What is most impalatable pertaining to the May-Day raid reports of 2011, is the documented refusal by implicated agencies to release the photos which purportedly were taken of Bin Laden’s body after his death, and his subsequent burial in the North Arabian Sea. Once again, the simplest way for the three letter agencies to clear the air of dissent and disagreement, is to provide the evidence.

Director of the C.I.A. Leon Panetta promised the American people at least one photo of the alleged mastermind back on May 4th, 2011.35 To date, there has not been a photo release. At first, the photos were prohibited from the public eye on the basis of their “gruesome” content, fearing that they would “inspire” terrorist attacks against the U.S., yet wouldn’t terrorist groups sympathetic to Al Qaeda already be fervently preparing to strike the U.S. after the news of their leader’s death had spread around the world? A single photo surely wouldn’t compare to the violence resulting from the assassination itself.

When the photos weren’t given to the public to quell its skepticism of the Bin Laden death, a non-profit watchdog group known as Judicial Watch, sued after being denied access to them under a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request. The case proceedings for Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Defense and C.I.A. no.12-5136, took place in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals where the final ruling permitted the D.o.D and the C.I.A. to retain the photos under classification. In other words, they would remain a secret.36 To many, the classification of Bin Laden’s death photos out of public view is further reason to remain skeptical of the true nature of the 9/11 attacks. For these individuals, the 9/11 story is a well fabricated product of America’s “propaganda machine”.

The technique of this machine to win popular opinion for a war isn’t novel, but is a consistent facet of human history. Even Hitler’s Germany implemented methods of false flag terrorism:


“Naturally, the common people don’t want war, but after all, it is the leaders of a nation who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy, all you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country.”  –Herman Goering, Hitler’s Reich Marshal


The I.S.I.

Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency and its implied role in the 9/11 attacks in accordance with its deep history of backing terrorist sects including Bin Laden for the destabilization of other nations, has received far too little attention by the public eye. From the endorsement of Chechen rebel commanders Shamil Basayev (dead as of 2006) and Emir Khattab along with their armies, to its connection with the Indian Parliament attacks of December 2001, the I.S.I. has soiled its guise with terrorism. Why then, would the U.S. formulate an anti-terrorism strategy to be carried out in synergy with the I.S.I.?

On September 13, 2001, a meeting between Lt. General of Pakistani’s I.S.I Mahmoud Ahmad and Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage was conducted outside the public eye in which cooperative actions related to geo-strategy were designated for Pakistan. In other words, the I.S.I became partner of the U.S. global strategy against terrorism as heralded by Bush himself, a move distastefully contradictory in light of the I.S.I.’s history.37

If it comes to light that the attacks were orchestrated by shadowy elements of foreign and domestic governments other than those delineated in official reports, then the decade past and the wars it is marked with are to be subject of a congressional inquest and a criminal investigation.

Understandably, “absurdity” of the suggestion comes to mind with the skeptic. A common denouncement of the alternative theory, that a highly specialized elite carried out the attacks to bolster backing for a new war, is that which suggests that secrecy of such a monumental event would fail given the number of individuals who would have to be involved. To this I answer as many have, that a half century ago our nation undertook the Manhattan Project, of which thousands upon thousands of citizens, scientists, military personnel, and others were employed. This project afforded its secrecy through the practice of compartmentalization, a technique of information management whereby fragmentation of the system and its information into its constituent elements protects against “leaks”. The idea is to have so many specializations, so many hands operating on different areas, that to understand the whole one would have to connect all “compartments” of information. As made blatant with the unforeseen devastation following the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, compartmentalization works. For further information concerning the practicality of such a system of compartmentalization in relation to 9/11, I highly recommend Tarpley’s Synthetic Terror.



In relation to all this one should consider the ramifications of the possibility that explosive materials may have been recovered from ground zero.

The time required to wire up such massive buildings would have been considerable, and would have obviated the airline impacts altogether. Why would one need to smack planes into a building when it’s wired to blow from the get go? This question is part of common colloquy between skeptics and pundits for 9/11 Truth wherein skeptics typically resort to ad hominem attacks, stating that the purveyor of such demolition notions is an irrational “conspiracy theorist”.

However the ‘9/11 Truth’ pundit may cite historical examples of what can be accomplished by orchestrating or even letting an attack occur on one’s own soil.

For example, prior to Germany’s invasion of Poland, communist dissidents were dressed up in Polish uniforms and used to fabricate news that the demolition of a radio station in Gleiwitz, Germany was an act of war incited by Poland against Germany. The propaganda machine of Hitler’s Germany used this incident to rally concession for war with Poland and succeeded. It was only after World War 2 when a signed affidavit by Alfred Naujocks was submitted to the Nuremburg Trials that the “Gleiwitz Incident”, as it came to be called, was found to be executed by the Third Reich and not the Polish army.38

On the level with this sort of deception is what is known as Operation Northwoods, a now declassified plan from the Cuban Crisis years.

The plan details how to stage Cuban attacks on the U.S. and foment aggression out of the American public in order to instigate a concession for entering a conflict against Cuba.39 To effect the objective, the plan states:


“A series of well coordinated incidents will be planned to take place in and around Guantanamo to give genuine appearance of being done by hostile Cuban forces.”40


These “incidents” included blowing up planes and the taking of American lives as a just requirement to start a war. Is this sort of false-flag terrorism identical in scope to the alleged WTC demolitions?



From 9/11, a global War on Terror was launched out of vengeance for injustices committed on U.S. soil. The result has been hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties. If it is ever brought into the mainstream eye of public awareness that these attacks were in the least allowed to commence (or aided as the controlled demolition hypothesis implies), then what might the social revolutions that ensue entail? How could the citizenry vindicate themselves despite the blood on their hands resulting from a decade of war committed under false pretenses?

This notion should convey the vast significance inherent in providing the American public a new 9/11 investigation that steers clear of party propensities and partial representations of evidence.

As mentioned much earlier, NIST’s investigation is the only one to date, that reflects the authority of government. It has never been peer-reviewed,41 it is not impartial, and it certainly does not suffice as an explanation of the WTC collapses. If its conclusions fail to stand, then where does this leave the public but behind a veil of misguidance in decisions of law and war?


The ‘28 Pages’

Certain documents of the 9/11 Commission previously held from public viewing under classification restrictions have now, as of July 15, 2016, been officially declassified. These particular documents (actually totaling 32 in number with various sections of blanked out text), are derived from the activities of the 2002 congressional Joint Inquiry Into Intelligence Activities Before and After September 11th, 2001, in a publication titled Report of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. For reasons to be explained, these pages have fomented a controversy surrounding the verification of the “Saudi” government’s involvement in the aid of the alleged 9/11 hijackers.

What do the documents allege?

For starters, they reveal a connection between 9/11 hijacker associate Osama Bassnan and Princess ‘Haifa bint Faisal’, along with Prince Bandar, the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States:


“In a . . . search of Bassnan’s residence the FBI located copies of 31 cashiers checks totaling $74,000…These checks were payable to Bassnan’s wife and were drawn on the Riggs Bank account of Bandar’s wife.”


With further FBI inquiry into the purpose of these funds, the fact arose that they were allegedly for Bassnan’s wife in exchange for “nursing services”. However, the ’28 pages’ assert in deference to a document (whose authorship is redacted), that “there is no evidence that Bassnan’s wife provided nursing services.” So, again, what was the money for?

Consider that Bassnan is characterized by the FBI to be an avid supporter of Usama bin Laden.(ibid.) Also understand that Prince Bandar (aka Bandar ‘Bush’ for his affiliations with the Bush family) is alleged within these declassified pages to have financially aided an associate of the 9/11 hijackers.  Couple with these connections the established fact that the Bush family has a history of engaging in magnificently illegal affairs, notable among which is Bush’s CIA affiliation with Adler ‘Barry’ Seal, and you can begin to feel that something more clandestine was afoot with these “nursing funds”. Of course such sentiments are unsubstantiated….so far.

The connections disclosed in these recently released documents implies that a certain sense of vindication should be attributed to Senator Bob Graham’s sentiments of a 9/11 cover-up, who, in September of 2004, accused the White House of classifying certain information which proved the Saudi connection to the alleged 9/11 hijackers Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdhar. http://www.historycommons.org/entity.jsp?entity=osama_basnan


Resources for Further 9/11 Inquiry

There is a vast wealth of literature, documentary films, and websites available for those interested in delving into historical alternatives of 9/11 events. I cite a few of my favorites here.



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         What human beings call warfare, (its activities, sights, smells, and casualties), should not to be regarded with some distorting light of fantasy. But, respecting “ninjutsu” enthusiasts and dojos, the mythical lore of the ninja is so pervasive and misrepresentative of reality that he/she who clings to it can come to develop an idea that fighting as a shinobi would have been “cool”, “badass”, or “awesome”. This is very misinformed, erroneous thinking.

To be blunt, anyone who holds to such perceptions of historical shinobi and their operations lacks even a superficial awareness of the grotesque content of warfare or its psychological and physiological ramifications on the human being.

Shinobi were more or less soldiers, and indeed, the violence that the shinobi might have encountered in the course of his/her missions was of such a horrendous quality that it is quite difficult for the denizens of our comfortably modern Western civilization to comprehend it.

To serve as illustration of this declaration, imagine if you would, infiltrating a castle in the dark of night with the knowledge that to be detected is to be killed. KILLED. So now that you have, do you feel your heart racing? Do you feel the fear? Do you long to see your family again? No? I wouldn’t expect you to, for this abstraction of a potential death and its implications hardly serves as an adequate replacement of the real experience. One must be in the midst of such circumstances to ever have an accurate understanding of what it was like to be a wartime shinobi – let alone a warrior.

Consequently, for some, the idea of a shinobi in combat is one to be romanticized with. I have personally witnessed individuals who attend “ninjutsu” dojos describe the shinobi as a sort of hero figure whose qualities and military exploits are worthy of civilian emulation. How wrong they are! The participants of these dojos are more like children continuously engaged in pretend play of shinobi warfare that isn’t at all representative of the horrid reality.

This phenomenon is similar to the modern advent of violent video games that glorify the sweat, blood, and death of war despite the massive disparity of realism present between virtual reality violence and violence of physical reality. One should not make the mistake of thinking it would be “cool” or otherwise self-gratifying to take the place of a real shinobi engaged in a life or death struggle, for again, one does not know the horror of battle until one is immersed within it (talk to a combat veteran).

To illustrate the degree of perceptual disparity between how violence is presented in “ninjutsu” dojos and the reality of warfare violence that historical ninjutsu is associated with, I would like to introduce the work of a prominent speaker, soldier, and psychologist – Lt. Colonel David Grossman.

In his book On Killing, Grossman collates and analyzes first-hand accounts of military combat by soldiers who have actually had attempts made on their lives, saw others killed, and continued to live with the psychological ramifications of having killed another human being. The book is incisive, compelling, and a poignant step in understanding the implications of human violence on the psyche and in society including those of the Japanese shinobi warriors. But for now it is sufficient to know that Grossman makes the argument that interpersonal violence of real-world combat is not something that the typical human being is wired to enjoy:

“[T]here is a force within mankind that will cause men to rebel against killing even at risk of their own lives. That force has existed in man throughout recorded history, and military history can be interpreted as a record of society’s attempts to force its members to overcome their resistance in order to kill more effectively in battle.”1

In tandem with what may be inferred from Grossman’s statement, Randall Collins, the author of Violence: A Micro-sociological Theory supports the notion that human beings are not inherently adept in methods of inter-personal violence writing that:

“[d]espite their bluster, and even in situations of apparently uncontrollable anger, people are tense and often fearful in the immediate threat of violence- including their own violence; this is the emotional dynamic that determines what they will do if fighting actually breaks out.”2

In light of the above, it would be prudent for the defense oriented individual to take note of the idea that human beings are typically very timid or downright resistant to the idea of having to face an aggressive enemy and possibly take the life of another human being. Consequently, one should not delude oneself into thinking he/she will thrive under conditions of violence that are often encountered in military campaigns, or on the street, simply because one has attained a degree of competency in a martial art. True, the techniques learned within self-defense dojos may be extremely effective, but it is important to approach violence with a mature mindset that doesn’t reflect characteristics of a sociopath i.e. violence itself should not be considered “fun”. The training can be, but the real act probably isn’t.

Make no mistake, the true shinobi of old probably did not roll around on mats in dojos merely for the sake of promoting exercise or self-confidence in one’s ability to fend off an attack. True shinobi probably did not learn and teach ninjutsu for the purposes of self-aggrandizement or profit, and they certainly did not display their skills to potential consumers of defense classes as if to suggest credentials best suited to prepare a student for a real, violent altercation. No. The shinobi of old learned, among other things, how to kill and did kill, and this truth cannot be ignored by those who are ninjutsu enthusiasts, “ninjutsu” dojo operators, or those who attend said dojos.

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